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Ideal destinations for May Bank Holiday

As 1 May falls on a Friday, there is no better reason to gather your thoughts and baggage for a long weekend, and thus reward yourself for the 200 or so days you work for a year, traveling To one of the following destinations. Find…
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The 8 Best Things About Bohemian Switzerland

The 8 Best Things About Bohemian Switzerland The most valuable area of the region especially compromises the Bohemian Switzerland National Park, the Elbe Sandstones Natural Preserve, a part of the Lusatian Mountains Natural Preserve and the whole of the Sluknov Hook. Bohemian Switzerland also compromises…
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Best Tourist Destinations

7 most beautiful places in Portugal: country fado music and breathtaking landscapes

The most beautiful places in Portugal One European destinations which has the advantage that it is hiding places of incredible beauty, delicious food, music for the soul and hospitable people. Portugal is an extremely diverse land, with its sunny beaches of Algarve and the spectacular…
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Airbnb related GDPR scam alert

  Journalists from an Austrian publication make an analysis of the data protection regulation, reaching some shocking conclusions. Kurier writes that the rules imposed by the GDPR could cause an inconvenience to those who were uncomfortable. “To be honest, if you want to continue using Google…
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A Summer Family Vacation to Algonquin Park

  A Summer Family Vacation to Algonquin Park If you are interested in a scenic and memorable voyage through the untouched beauty of Algonquin Park then look no further.  Interestingly, Algonquin Park is not only the first park in Ontario but also the largest the…
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Ghost plane that ruins your holiday

    Ghost plane that ruins your holiday A family from Birmingham had a holiday worthy of a science fiction movie when he went on vacation for ten days. Darren Hall and took his family on July 25 and went to the airport to board a flight to Portugal. Stop…
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