Best Sandals Resort in St. Lucia (2024 Update)

The island of St. Lucia is a stunning destination to visit and every year, thousands of people flock to St Lucia to enjoy all that it has to offer. This is the ultimate guide to the best Sandals resorts in Saint Lucia.

St. Lucia Sandals

Sandals at Halcyon Beach

Sandals Halcyon Beach

St. Lucia Sandals Halcyon Beach is known as the “Garden of Eden by the sea,” with its beachfront cottages peppering the shoreline, overlooking the ocean.

  • Built in 1994
  • beachfront walk-out rooms
  • Smallest
  • Close to: Castries
  • Most Quiet

Sandals Grande St. Lucian

Sandals Grande is a 5 star resort and is the highest-rated Sandals on St. Lucia. It’s perfectly positioned between Pigeon Island and Rodney Bay (both are must-see St. Lucia attractions).

  • Built in 2002
  • Over-Water Bungalows
  • 5-Star Resort
  • On a Peninsula
  • Newest St. Lucia Sandals
St. Lucia Sandals

Grande St. Lucian Sandals

St. Lucia Sandals

Sandals Regency La Toc

Sandals Regency La Toc

Sandals Regency La Toc in St. Lucia is considered to be the most peaceful & have the best views (hillside location), but with great view comes many stairs. Perfect for daily exercise!

  • Built in 1993
  • Many Stairs
  • Most Romantic
  • Golf
  • Best View

Which is the Best Sandals Resort in St Lucia?

The island of St. Lucia is a stunning destination to visit and every year, thousands of people flock to St Lucia to enjoy all that it has to offer. Not only does it have 31,000 acres of natural rainforests and 19 beaches but it has so many unique attractions and activities.

From its pristine shorelines, to a drive-in volcano, to the picturesque beauty of the Piton mountains, to having arguably the best snorkeling in the Caribbean, St Lucia is an unforgettable tropical paradise. There is so much to do on this island.

In a perfect world, you could fly to St Lucia and just exit the plane to an awaiting shuttle that would bring you to the beach and take care of all of your food, drinks and activity reservations for you.

No fuss and no hassle. All you have to worry about is what you want to wear while enjoying the Caribbean life. And luckily, that’s where Sandals Resorts come in. They can make that all happen!

What is so Great About Staying at a Sandals Resort in St. Lucia?

Sandals resorts are all-inclusive “adults only” beach resorts, which means you are required to leave your kids at home, darn.

There are 3 Sandals beach resorts on the island of St. Lucia to choose from that will wine and dine you for your entire stay in their own ways. All 3 resorts are located in the Northern part of the island.

Each resort has something unique to offer its guests but an added perk is their “Stay At 1, Play At 3” exchange privileges. This means you can use any of the 11 pools, any of the 11 whirlpools, any of the 21 bars, any of the 27 restaurant and do any activity at any of the resorts, just by staying at one of the Sandals resorts.

So you can have that quiet romantic getaway and also spend the day partying on the beach someplace else.

What is Included in Your All-Inclusive Stay at Sandals Resorts in St. Lucia?

First, let’s go over all the perks of staying at one of the 3 Sandals Resorts in St Lucia, because there are many. When you stay with Sandals, roundtrip airport transfers and WiFi are included. Of course, food and drinks are included in your stay at these resorts and there is a stocked mini bar in every room.

Sandals Resorts boast about their exclusive deal with Robert Mondavi Twin Oaks wines that are available at all 3 resorts. And there are a total of 27 restaurants combined between the 3 resorts for you to choose from, as well as, 21 bars. Of course each resort has at least 1 swim-up bar on their property as well.

The amount of actvities that are included with your stay is impressive. Greens fees at the Sandals Regency La Toc Golf Club (9 hole) and 18 hole Sandals St Lucia Golf & Country Club at Cap Estate with shuttle service to and from are all included.

Watersports rentals with professional instruction, options include:

  • Waterskiing
  • Snorkeling
  • Paddleboards
  • Kayaks
  • Windsurfing
  • Tubing
  • Glass bottom boats
  • Hobie cats
  • PADI-certified SCUBA diving (and all equipment)
  • The list goes on…

There is also bocce ball, beach volleyball, day/night tennis, state-of-the-art fitness centers and many live shows to keep you entertained. Each resort has its own unique vibe so whatever you’re in the mood for, you can find.

Let’s talk a little more about the amazing perk that is their PADI-certified scuba diving instruction is free of charge if you stay with Sandals St. Lucia.

You will have the option to use the best equipment, explore the best sites with certified dive instructors. Sandals has its own twin-diesel Newton boats to get you out to the best scuba spots around the island.

All included in your stay!

Since each resort has pros and cons, lets go over each resort and give a rundown of all they have to offer.

1. Sandals Grande St. Lucian

Sandals Grande St Lucian is a stunning 5-star resort located on its own peninsula in Gros Islet and is the newest Sandals property on the island.

Built in 2002, the resort peninsula is perfectly positioned between Pigeon Island and Rodney Bay, and both are must see attractions. This is the highest rated of all 3 Sandals resorts on the island.

Sandals Grande St. Lucian is the highest rated of all 3 Sandals resorts on the island.

The St Lucian offers breakfast, lunch, dinner and anytime snacks at it’s 12 restaurants. Barefoot and Bayside have the best reviews for their food and variety.

Gordon’s offers the most impressive dining experience to guests, it sits on its own 150 foot pier over the Caribbean Sea and offers an amazing ambiance and views of the water. However, a meal at Gordon’s is not included in the all-inclusive package.

This resort is all about lively entertainment and has live music and activities available throughout the day.  They offer unlimited premium liqours at their 7 bars.

Grande St Lucian is the biggest and loudest of the 3 Sandals resorts in Saint Lucia. This resort has many tiers of room options available and is wonderful for groups of friends, solo travelers and couples looking to party. The general vibe is fun and busy.

Sandals Grande St Lucian is the only resort on the entire island to offer over-water bungalows. These gorgeous bungalows feature glass floor panels, 2-person soaking tubs, extended sun decks, outdoor showers, butler service, overwater hammocks, as well as, 24 hour room service.

Sandals Grande St. Lucian truly is a luxurious experience unlike any other.

2. Sandals Halcyon Beach

Sandals Halcyon Beach, built in 1994, is described by Sandals as a “Garden of Eden by the sea,” with its beachfront cottages peppering the shoreline, overlooking the ocean.

Sandals Halcyon Beach is considered the St. Lucian “Garden of Eden by the sea”.

The tallest structure is 2 stories and many of the rooms available are beachfront walk-out rooms.

This is the smallest of the 3 Sandals resorts so it is, by default, the most quiet. Guests of this resort, rave about the beautifully manicured gardens and plants all over the resort.

This resort offers unlimited fine dining at its 6 restaurants, Mario’s and The Pier have some of the best reviews of all the Sandals restaurants.

Unlimited premium liquors are available at its 7 bars, including swim-up bars. This resort is close to the island capital of Castries on the West side of the island so access to city activities is convenient.

This resort offers a Honeymoon Hideaway Village for couples really looking for privacy. You can also book a beachfront butler suite with a private plunge pool. This resort is true tranquility with wonderful Caribbean charm.

3. Sandals Regency La Toc

Sandals Regency La Toc, built in 1993, is considered to be the most romantic, peaceful resort of the 3 Sandals Resorts in St. Lucia.

It is also considered to have the best views because of its hillside location, however there a lot of stairs to climb so if you’re not up for a daily workout, this isn’t the place for you.

Sandals Regency La Toc is the most peaceful, has the best views, and is called the “sparkling jewel in the islands”.

This resort is 220 acres and has several hillside sections sprinkled around the resort, each section offers amazing views of the water.

Sunset Ocean Bluff is actually a resort within the resort and offers suites featuring magnificent views from the highest point on the resort. These are considered the best views of any Sandals resort on St Lucia and has been called “the sparkling jewel in the islands.”

Sandals Regency La Toc has a beautiful crescent-shaped beach and a 9-hole executive-style golf course on its property. It also has 9 restaurants, 3 pools, 4 whirlpools and 8 full-service bars.

Armando’s and Pitons have the best food reviews at this resort but Pavilions offers the best views.

This resort also has a 540 foot crystal lagoon pool but many reviewers complained that there are not enough chairs so you either get up at 630am to get a chair by the pool or you wont have any place to rest or keep your things.

When is the Best Time to Visit St Lucia?

Here’s full article on the best time to visit St. Lucia (and the worst), but here’s a recap:

Saint Lucia has two seasons, rainy season and perfect.

The rainy season is from June to November with some rain extending into September, otherwise Saint Lucia is sunny with 82°F temperatures.

December to April is high season in Saint Lucia and this is the best time to visit the island since the odds of it being rainy are slim.

Always keep in mind that June to November is considered hurricane season, which you should try to avoid.

Recap: Best St. Lucia Sandals Resorts

Sandals resorts on St Lucia offer so many amenities to their guests but each resort has its own personality and vibe.

If you’re traveling with a group of friends or just like to party, Grande St Lucian is the best choice because of its abundant nightlife, number of restaurants and bars and the large size of the resort lends to large groups.

Regency La Toc offers a quieter, more sophisticated atmosphere for guests, it also has a golf course on site.

While Halcyon is the quietest and most romantic of the 3 resorts, with its beach front cottages, lush gardens and small size. However, Sandals’ Stay at 1, Play at 3 exchange privileges takes away any worry of missing out.

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