Grenada vs St. Lucia (2024 Travel Comparison)

Beach destinations attract tourists, but a large influx of tourists can rob beaches of their natural beauty. Fortunately, there are plenty of islands in the Caribbean where tourist congestion isn’t very bad. Grenada and St. Lucia are two islands with surprisingly unspoiled and well-maintained beaches. So let’s see how they compare to each other.

St. Lucia is cheaper, less crowded, and more peaceful than Grenada, while Grenada has better food and a more active party scene. Social couples and extroverts should visit Grenada, while honeymooners and families should choose St. Lucia, as its beaches are quieter and its parks more child-friendly.

CategoryGrenadaSt Lucia
Cost Range for 1 Week$2,237 (Solo)
$4,018 (Couple)
$1,871 (Solo)
$3,360 (couple)
Transportation$1.46 to $1.5 (bus)
$4.2 to $30 (taxi)
$2.5 to $8 (bus)
$28 to $34 (taxi)

Notable Attractions
Grenada Underwater Sculpture Park, Bequia, Grand Anse Beach, Royal Mount Carmel Falls, House of Chocolate, Grand Anse BeachTet Paul Nature Trail, Marine National Park, Anse Chastanet, Soufrière, The Pitons, Marigot Bay
WeatherGrenada is hot and humid throughout the year, with the wet seasons being cloudy. Breeze and wind are present though varies in velocity and rate throughout the year.With warm evenings and bright sunlit afternoons, St. Lucian weather offers plenty of sunbathing opportunities. Midday can come bearing harsh sunlight, but the tree cover offers plenty of shade, and the nighttime breeze cools off the island.
Food and DrinkGrenadan cuisine has a very distinct flavor, and its culinary identity is quite independent of colonial influences. Oil down is its most popular dish in Grenada and has a social aspect similar to Fish Frys and backyard BBQs.Some of the favorites include lobster, boiled grits, and seafood fritters. Classic grilled fish and even fish frys are common on the island. American and British cuisines, alongside some Indian delicacies, seem to influence St. Lucian food.
Honeymoon RecommendationsCouples snorkeling with underwater sculptures, Soak in the stream of the Royal Mount Carmel Falls, Laze at the Grand Anse beach, Check-in at the Spice Island Beach ResortSnorkel with your spouse at Anse Chastanet Marine National Park, Check-In with a view at Jade Mountain Resort, A stay at Rabot Hotel
Activities for KidsVisit the House of Chocolate, Enroll in the Sandy Island Experience, Go on a sightseeing cruiseExplore the Diamond Botanical Gardens, Have a Family Adventure at the Treetop Adventure Park, Go to the Splash Island Water Park
Nature AttractionsNature attractions in Grenada include beaches, waterfalls, and nature trails. There are small islands like Sandy Island, which can be considered nature attractions too.Most nature attractions in St. Lucia do not require payment or human intervention. These include nature trails, trekking opportunities with beautiful views, beaches, and a drive-through volcano.

Grenada is an Island country surrounded by small islands that also fall in its jurisdiction. It is a country in the Caribbean rich with waterfalls and blessed with warm weather. It has a decent tourist footfall alongside a 10,000-people population that makes the island buzz with activity.

The atmosphere is social and welcoming, and there are plenty of opportunities to connect with the locals and ex-pats. Even Grenadan cuisine is centered around socializing, and most tourist spots are frequented by groups of people as opposed to couples and solo adventurers.

St. Lucia is an island with quieter beaches and a temperate climate. It is preferred by tourists who prefer to relax and unwind, which is why tourist attractions in St. Lucia are not very proactive. St Lucian weather, beaches, and lush tree-covered nature trails are some of the highlights of this Caribbean haven. Its social atmosphere is more reserved than Grenada’s and is more suitable for honeymooners and individuals who don’t want to socialize during their time off.

Cost Of Stay

Cost Of Stay

Grenada costs $250 to $850 more than St. Lucia in a per-week comparison. St. Lucia’s solo stay costs around $1871 per week, while Grenada’s stay costs $2,237. The difference is emphasized proportionately for couples’ stay as well, with Grenada costing $4,018 and St. Lucia costing $3,360 per week. Miscellaneous expenses and food markups can further widen the cost gap.


Source: taxi_grenada

Getting around in Grenada is easier given that it has a transport system used not just by tourists but also thousands of residents. The bus fare in Grenada is $1.46 to $1.5, while the bus fare in St. Lucia can go up to $8. Bus routes in St. Lucia are comparatively limited, and you might need to get a cab every now and then.

Cabs are also cheaper in Grenada, with a fixed rate of $30 per hour. Cabs are priced per kilometer in St. Lucia, which means that you are charged per mile of travel. General trips can take up to $34, and airport transport can cost up to $100. Grenada, in this case, is the clear winner.

Notable Attractions

Notable Attractions
Source: houseofchocolategrenada

Both islands have beaches and scenic trails. Grenada boasts waterfalls, while St. Lucia has a volcano. Overall, Grenada has better proactive attractions, including an underwater sculpture park that can be accessed by snorkeling. St. Lucia’s iconic tapered mountains and rich greenery contrast the construction-forward bay line of Grenada.

Overall, there’s more to do in Grenada than there is to do in St. Lucia, but St. Lucia is more fun for kids than the former. Notable attractions in St. Grenada include the aforementioned underwater sculpture park, the Grand Anse Bach, and the House of Chocolate. The St Lucian attractions include Tet Paul Nature Trail, The Pitons, and Marigot Bay Beach.


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The climate in both locations is warm throughout the year, with understandably rainy wet seasons. The point of contrast is that St. Lucia has decent tree cover, which breaks the daytime heat the day while the onshore breeze makes the evenings cooler.

Grenada is windier than St. Lucia throughout the year, with the rainy season getting particularly windy. Water activities can get disrupted in wet seasons in Grenada, but both tropical destinations are conducive to sunbathing and nature trail trekking.

Food and Drink

Food and Drink
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Grenadan cuisine beats St. Lucian culinary offerings on the grounds of authenticity and breadth. Both destinations have traditional seafood alongside some Caribbean classics like johnny cakes, seafood fritters, and boiled grits. But Grenada has its traditional cuisine that is quite distinct from most tropical islands.

It includes Curried Goat, Oil Down, Fried Bake, and Saltfish. Such island-specific dishes are missing in St. Lucia, which has more American and British-influenced pan-Caribbean food than you can get on any Caribbean island.


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You can snorkel with your spouse and go on nature hikes on either island. Both islands have pristine beaches and beautiful views. In terms of couples’ activities, the islands are comparable, with St. Lucia having a slight edge over Grenada because it seems to specialize in the honeymoon niche. That doesn’t mean that you cannot honeymoon in Grenada.

St Lucian Marigot Bay Beach has parallel to Grenadan Grand Anse Beach. Where there is Rabot Hotel in a cocoa estate in St. Lucia, and there is a House of Chocolate (chocolate museum) in Grenada. There are comparable couples activities on both islands, though St. Lucia has the private and romantic vibe most newlyweds look for.

For Families (With Kids)

For Families (With Kids)
Source: travelsaintlucia

There is more for kids to do in St. Lucia than there is to do in Grenada. And that’s really saying something since St. Lucia isn’t known for its kids’ activities but for its romantic atmosphere. Aside from visiting the House of Chocolate (which gets old pretty quickly), there isn’t much else you can do with your kids in Grenada. St. Lucia has two water parks and a few nature trails.

You can keep your kids engaged in St. Lucia for 3 to 4 days with park visits, the drive-through volcano, and a beach day. In Grenada, your kids will get bored in 2 days.

Nature Attractions

Source: sulphurspringsstlucia

The nature attractions on both islands are comparable, but St. Lucia wins because of Grenada’s higher construction rate. The ratio of manmade structures to trees and greenery is much higher in Grenada than in St. Lucia. Aside from that, both islands have nature trails and unspoiled beaches.

They also have scenic observing spots. Both islands have specific types of nature attractions that are absent in the other. For instance, St. Lucia’s drive-in volcano is unique to the island, while the waterfalls in Grenada have no equivalent in St. Lucia. If you choose the island to visit based on specific nature attractions, then it is better to gain clarity regarding the specific types of attractions on each island.

St. Lucia vs. Grenada: Which Destination Should I Visit?

Source: puregrenada

You can visit either island if you want to enjoy warm, sun-filled days, Caribbean food, and nature trails alongside water activities.

But if you want to spend less, you should visit St. Lucia, and if you want to party more, you should go to Grenada.

Ultimately, what you want to do on your vacation will inform where you should take said vacation.

Final Thoughts

Final Thoughts

Grenada and St. Lucia both have unspoiled beaches and warm, sun-filled days. There are hiking opportunities and Caribbean food on both islands.

Grenada is more expensive, though, but it has a better transport system and a mature tourist-ready atmosphere. St. Lucia seems to lean into its honeymoon-friendly atmosphere and remains the quieter and more romantic of the two destinations.

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