Repairs and Services in St. Lucia

Repairs, services, boat parts and hardware supplies are available in Saint Lucia’s Ports of Entry where Customs and Immigration offices are found. Below you will find a brief description of services that can be found in each location.

It should be noted that in an emergency situation, several other coastal villages have fishermen’s complex facilities that could provide assistance.

Rodney Bay

The Rodney Bay area offers the greatest number of options for services of all kinds. Besides IGY’s Rodney Bay Marina and 4.5 acre boatyard, there are several yards and businesses that offer full services for smaller boats.

The area also has the best selection of parts for watercrafts of all kinds and features Saint Lucia’s only chandlery and sail repair operation.


In the capital city of Castries marine specific services are rather limited; however, several hardware stores are easily accessible.

Additional services such as welding, electric motor/starter repairs and fiberglassing can be found but most are not located in the immediate area of the harbour.

Marigot Bay

The Marina at Marigot Bay offers a reasonable variety of repair and maintenance services as well as assistance finding parts and materials not directly on hand.


While a wide variety of repair and maintenance services are available in Soufriere, marine-specific parts are not easily sourced. Services can be found at the Fishermen’s Co-op Complex toward the north end of the town’s waterfront.

Also, emergency assistance and referral services are available at the Soufriere Marine Management Association (SMMA), which operates Saint Lucia’s marine park. The SMMA is located by the smaller jetty on the central waterfront. The SMMA also monitors VHF Channel 16.

Vieux Fort

The town of Vieux Fort at the southern tip of Saint Lucia is primarily a commercial port but also has a convenient fishermen’s complex where limited repair and maintenance services are available. A few hardware supply stores are accessible nearby as well.

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