Italian Riviera vs. French Riviera

Italian Riviera vs. French Riviera: Which Is Better for Vacation?

When it comes to popular and glitzy destinations in the world, there are really only two essential destinations: the Italian Riviera and the French Riviera. These two destinations cater to both the elite and sophisticated, as well as those who are seeking solace in breathtaking nature and old-world culture, with bonus points thrown in for those seeking a refreshing beach escape. Which is better for a vacation: the Italian Riviera or French Riviera?

The Italian Riviera is bristling with beautiful beaches, some of the best restaurants, resorts, and shops and the same can be said for the French Riviera. The Italian Riviera is popular with sightseers and those seeking a laid back vacation, whereas the French Riviera prioritizes opulence more. 

CategoryItalian RivieraFrench Riviera
Cost Range for 1 Week$1,561$2,198
Main AttractionsVentimiglia, San Remo, Seborga, Alassio, Cinque Terre, GenoaMonaco, Cannes, Les Baux De Provence, St. Tropez, Gigaro, Port Grimaud
Food The Italian Riviera houses many of the signature staples of Italian cuisine with pesto being one of the most popular food staples in the regionThe French Riviera showcases some of the finest restaurants in France that specialize in authentic French cuisine
WeatherThe Italian Riviera features all of the typical hallmarks of a Mediterranean climate: warm and humid summers and cool and dry wintersThe French Riviera features all of the typical hallmarks of a Mediterranean climate: warm and humid summers and cool and dry winters
SafetyThe Italian Riviera is generally safe, with a low crime rate for violent crimes; petty theft is known to occurThe French Riviera is generally safe, with a low crime rate for violent crimes; petty theft is known to occur
TransportationCar rental and taxis are located throughout the Italian Riviera; bicycling and walking are also popularCar rental and taxis are located throughout the French Riviera; bicycling and walking are also popular
CustomsTo visit Italy, you will need a valid passport; a visa is only needed if your stay will extend beyond 3 monthsTo visit France, you will need a valid passport; a visa is only needed if your stay will extend beyond 3 months

You can expect to have a grand time in either of these beautiful and influential destinations. The French Riviera is home to some of the world’s finest resorts regions, while the Italian Riviera has inspired artists for decades with its pristine beauty and unique aesthetic. This article will explore both destinations through a wide range of categories to help make your decision a bit easier. 

Italian Riviera vs. French Riviera

French Riviera Vs. Italian Riviera: Cost of Stay

Both of these destinations represent some of the finest vacation sites in the world, therefore, the cost of a one week’s vacation to either will reflect this. A one week vacation to the Italian Riviera will typically cost about $1,561, which represents a standard hotel and average daily expenses. The cost can skyrocket easily if you indulge in the numerous fine dining establishments or shopping excursions that litter the region. 

The French Riviera also provides a one-of-a-kind vacation experience in stunning surroundings with many places to visit. A standard one week vacation to the French Riviera will cost about $2,198. This cost can go even higher depending on where you choose to stay in the French Riviera and the daily expenses you incur based on the budget you are setting out. A day trip to Monte Carlo in Monaco alone can become quite pricey in a short amount of time. 

Affordable Hotel Options

You may be thinking that no such thing as affordable hotel options exist in either of these destinations, yet there are some affordable options hidden away. 

In the Italian Riviera, a stay at the Hotel Arabesque offers a scenic view of the pristine Ligurian coastline with all of the comfortable amenities and accommodations that make any trip to the Italian Riviera a memorable experience. The rooms are not all glitz and glamour as you would expect on the Riviera, yet they are stylishly European, with a restaurant and bar on site. 

On the French Riviera, nothing can beat the incredible price that you can find at the Hotel Nice Riviera. This modestly-priced hotel is located within a convenient walking distance to shopping, fine dining, and the beach, with a hot tub, gymnasium, and pool on location. The rooms are not sunning, yet the comfort and cleanliness that is guaranteed are certainly worth considering due to the prime location. 

Main Attractions

Both locations are overflowing with stunning and exciting attractions and places to visit. 

On the Italian Riviera, a trip to San Remo is certainly one destination that simply cannot be ignored. This coastal city is the host of the internationally-renowned San Remo Music Festival, which sees top musical talent perform and compete to receive awards for their contributions every February. This city also features many excursions for leisurely activities for its visitors amidst stunning architecture and scenery. 

Main Attractions

On the French Riviera, a trip to the world’s second-smallest country, Monaco, and its famous Monte Carlo Casino are definitely worth the time. This tiny country is one of the standouts of the French Riviera, where gambling and luxury is the normal pastime for all of its citizens. 


On the Italian Riviera, one of the best restaurants to visit is La Stalla dei Frati. This unique and elegant eatery sits atop a hill overlooking Santa Margherita below. The menu is heavy on Italian seafood and three-course meals that will leave you refreshed and eager to take in the nightlife of the Riviera. 

Italian Riviera vs. French Riviera Food 

In the French Riviera, one of the finest restaurants in the region is actually tucked away amidst a residential neighborhood, the La Villa Archange. This restaurant is very expensive, yet the menu and pairing selections will likely make for an unforgettable dining experience. 


The weather for both of these destinations is some of the most tranquil and attractive in all of Europe. Summers are never extremely hot, with only warm temperatures across the region. Winters are mild and dry, with very little precipitation. 


Both the Italian and the French Riviera’s are exclusive and highly secure locations, with very little instances of violent crime and even petty crimes not having a very high percentage. Be sure to exercise caution and always be mindful of your valuables, just as you would anywhere. 


There are various forms of public transportation across both destinations. Taxis and ride-sharing apps are also both common, yet many people prefer to walk as much as possible to take in the beautiful scenery and atmosphere of the destinations. 


To visit either Italy or France, you will simply need to make sure you have a valid passport. If you want to stay longer than three months, you will need to make sure you have an approved visa, which means you will need to plan for this beforehand. 

Conclusion: Italian Riviera vs. French Riviera

So, between the Italian and French Rivieras, which is better for a vacation? This is not an easy choice to make, as you will likely be satisfied with the exquisite surroundings of either location. Both feature cool, blue seawater and sandy beaches with elegant fine dining options and shopping excursions. 

The final decision will ultimately come down to which of the two countries you would prefer to spend time in. The French Riviera has many world-famous towns and destinations, but the Italian Riviera is a bit less expensive overall. If you are on a budget, go with the Italian Riviera.

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