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Go Ziplining in Aruba (Here’s Where)

Whether you’re a ziplining enthusiast looking for Caribbean countries with ziplines or a tourist en route to Aruba who might have a casual interest in ziplines, you’ll probably want to know about ziplining in Aruba.

The Fly Wire zipline is the only ziplining option in Aruba. It is a 31 feet high zipline located at the De Palm Island resorts and is a family-friendly and beginner-friendly tourist attraction.

In this article, you will find out the cost of ziplining in Aruba alongside the pros and cons of choosing Aruba’s sole zipline. Toward the end, you will learn how to evaluate whether a zipline is worth traveling for or not, something that will help you pick the next line you want to zip across.

Can You Zip Line In Aruba?

Can You Zip Line In Aruba

You can go zip lining in Aruba with the country’s only stationary zip line located at the De Palm Island Resorts. It is a small zip line compared to some of the bigger ones in the Caribbean, and aside from it, Aruba doesn’t offer any more zip lining opportunities.

But before you change your mind about the De Palm Island Resorts’ Zip Line in Aruba, you should consider a few benefits of the experience, which make it a decent draw among Aruba visitors.

Pros Of Ziplining In Aruba

Pros Of Zip Lining In Aruba

The pros of ziplining in Aruba are mainly the diversity of tourist-friendly experiences and the overall low price of the adventure. More specifically, the advantages of choosing Aruba as your ziplining destination are:

One-Ticket, Multiple Experiences

The Aruba zip line at De Palm Island is just one of the experiences in the concept adventure resort that has a “day pass”-style fee structure. This makes the Zipline affordable and multiple experiences accessible to visitors.

Among the things you can do alongside zip lining are waterpark rides, underwater helmet walking, and banana boat rides.

Small Zipline That Is Beginner-Friendly

As you might deduce from the Aruba zipline’s position within the De Palm attractions, it is not a particularly big zip line. This is a good thing if you’ve never been on a Zipline.

De Palm island’s Zipline can be treated as a gateway to more serious Ziplines. Entire friend groups can enjoy this zipline regardless of the respective experiences of individual players.

Suitable For Tweens, Teens, And Adults

Aruba zip line is small enough to be safe for tweens and teens. Adults have reported positive experiences of the zip line as well. This suggests that the Aruba Zipline is suitable for a broader age range than some of the more extreme ziplining options.

Easy To Visit

Finally, The Fly Wire Zip Line in Aruba has yet another serious advantage in its pick-and-drop system. The resort’s bus fare is covered in the day-pass price. In other words, you don’t have to spend a dime or ask for instructions to get to its location after you’ve paid for it. That said, you have to be in Aruba and at one of the hotels serviced by bus to avail of its service.

Cons of Aruba Ziplining

Cons Of Zip Lining In Aruba

It Is Not A Big Zip Line

The Aruba Zip Line is not very big. It has a 446-foot length and an elevation of only 33 feet. While there is an adoption advantage and a broad appeal to such a Zipline, there is also a potential for disappointment.

The View Isn’t Particularly Unique

The view during the short-lived zip lining experience in Aruba is pleasant, but it isn’t exciting or unique. You get a generic ocean view and a bird’s eye of the beach alongside the De Palm Island Resorts attractions. It is a decent view but nothing to blog home about.

It Is Not For Serious Zip Liners

The Aruba Zip Line is a passable zip line, but it isn’t one you should travel for. If you plan to be in Aruba and are looking to zip line, then you can consider it. But if you want to travel to a place that offers a great zip-lining experience, Aruba should not be your first choice.

Should I Take Extreme Engineering’s The Fly Wire Zip Line?

Should I Take Extreme Engineering's The Fly Wire Zip Line

By now, you know that the Aruba zip line has advantages for beginners and families, but it isn’t something zip line enthusiasts would travel for. Very few people looking up zip lines fall into either extreme on the beginner-to-advanced range.

Most people have had a few zip-lining experiences but don’t know if they are too advanced for their next zipline. If you’ve zip lined before and are wondering whether ziplining in Aruba will be exciting for you, here’s how you can know for sure.

You should zip line in Aruba if your previous zip lines have been in the 30 to 50 feet height range. The length of the zipline dictates only the duration of the experience, but the actual thrill comes from the highest point and the average height factors.

Ziplines can have high points of up to 200 feet. And if you have been on such a zip line, you will not find the Aruba zip line to be any good. On average, family-friendly zip lines are 30 feet to 50 feet in height. If that’s your adrenaline threshold, it is possible for you to zip line in Aruba and have a great experience.

But the nature of adrenaline-driven fun is that it requires highs that outrank the previous ones. You won’t be impressed by the Aruba zipline if you’ve already taken a 100-foot zipline.

Now that you know that you can use your previous ziplining experiences to predict whether the next one will be fun, let’s look at a few facts and figures regarding

The Fly Wire Zip Line in Aruba. Remember to mentally compare these with the zip lines that you like to see if it is worth it for you.

The Fly Wire Zipline Facts And Figures

The Fly Wire Zip Line Facts And Figures

The Fly Wire Zip Line is the first zip line in Aruba and is commonly referred to as the Aruba Zip Line. Here are a few interesting facts and figures about this zip line:

Extreme Engineering Is The Company Responsible For Creating The Fly Wire Zipline

The company specializes in producing adventure-based entertainment solutions. Suspended Coasters, Climbing Walls, and Zip Lines are in its portfolio.

The Fly Wire Has A Unique Decelerator (Called The Decelinator)

The Extreme Engineering patented decelerating mechanism is safe and minimizes impact possibility, which is in line with the zip line’s family-friendliness.

The Zipline Reverses Before It Stops

The patented decelerating mechanism of this zip line features spring-powered reversal close to the stopping point. This adds extra thrill as the zipliners are launched backward before they are lowered to the ground.

The Travel Channel Has Featured The Fly Wire

As a “must-do” attraction – If you are visiting Aruba, you should probably check out The Fly Wire zipline. It might not be high enough or long enough to make it worth the effort to travel to Aruba, but for those bound to be in Aruba anyway, it is indeed a “must-do.”

Ziplining In Aruba FAQ

Ziplining In Aruba Faqs

How many ziplines are there in Aruba?

There is only one Zipline in Aruba. It is located on the De Palm Island resorts recreation park and is officially titled The Fly Wire.

Aruba is okay for zip lining. The experience is fun but is not any better than an average thrill ride at a theme park. Ziplining in Aruba is good, but Aruba isn’t really a good place to go to for zip lining specifically.

What is the cost of ziplining in Aruba?

The cost of Ziplining in Aruba is around $120 and is included in the one-day pass to the De Palm Island Resorts park. The pass gives you access to all the experiences in the park, including banana boat rides, underwater helmet walk, and juniors’ water park rides.

What do you need to go ziplining in Aruba?

To go Aruba ziplining, you need to meet the height requirements of x and a day pass to the De Palm Island resorts park. Once you have the pass, even the pick and drop are managed by the park establishment.

What is the best zipline in the Caribbean?

The Flying Dutchman zipline in St Maarten is the steepest one in the Caribbean, which is more thrilling and exciting. At 1000 feet, it is definitely a more exciting cable to zip across than the Aruba zip line.

Is the Aruba zipline safe for kids?

The Aruba zipline is considered safe for “older children,” according to the company behind the zip line. This most likely refers to tweens and teens.

As a parent, you shouldn’t worry about the Aruba zip line because your kids will be allowed on it only if the zipline is safe. And if they don’t get to get on the zipline, their day pass covers a day’s worth of rides and adventures that they can still enjoy.

Final Thoughts on Aruba Ziplining

Final Thoughts

Ziplining in Aruba is possible and even exciting, but for beginners. The 31-foot zipline is barely tall enough to get Zipline enthusiasts interested.

The zipline in Aruba is an attraction to have on your checklist if you’re visiting Aruba, but it isn’t good enough to be your sole reason for visiting the island.

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