Real or Fiction: Does the Town of Mystery, Alaska Exist?

Real or Fiction: Does the Town of Mystery, Alaska Exist?

Alaska is, without a doubt, a mystery. With its vast open lands, unbridled wildlife, and picturesque scenery, there is so much that we still don’t know about America’s Last Frontier.

But, what we do know are the names of the towns, cities, and villages in that territory.

So, where is Mystery: in Alaska or TV magic?

Mystery, Alaska: The Movie Synopsis

The town was showcased in a movie, back in the 90s.

This movie is about an amateur hockey team in Mystery, Alaska.

They take up an invitation to play against the New York Rangers. As such, the all the town’s people have to put their insignificant differences away and join together, because their tiny town will be the focus of nationwide televised feature.

All the residents of the small town love and support their hockey team and attend the games weekly on a Saturday.

However, more excitement, than usual comes to the small town when Charles Danner, a New York reporter, returns after many years.

He proposes that the local team take on the nation’s favorite: the New York Rangers.

He runs the idea by Mayor Scott Pitcher and highlights that the game will have live broadcast.

This sounds like a good idea, especially for the tourism prospects and potential business benefits for the community.

There is one naysayer though, who sees how the repercussions of such an undertaking could demoralize not only the team, but the entire townspeople.

John Biebe, sheriff and the team’s captain, does not think it is wise.

After all, if they lose badly, they would become a national joke. The people of Mystery, Alaska would eventually be devastated.

Regardless, the mayor does not heed John’s advice and goes about challenging the Rangers to a game.

He then allocates funds to build a facility, for the game.

In the meantime, Charles tries to stir up old feelings in his ex-girlfriend, John’s wife, Donna Biebe. Even though she is in a stable relationship with three children.

So until it is time for the game,

While the Mystery hockey players deal with any number of reoccurring issues and dramas from their daily life, the New York Rangers cancel the game.

This does not still well with the town’s fold of Mystery, Alaska.

This is when Bailey Pruitt, a lawyer representing the town of Mystery, challenges the team’s decision in court. It is then decided by the judge that the game is back on.

This is all we will say, without ruining the plot for you. Get the DVD or watch on Netflix. Did we say, it was a comedy?

You will enjoy it.

Actors in Mystery Alaska

There are several well-known actors that star in this production.

Mary McCormack plays Donna Biebe, mother of three and the sheriff’s wife.

Of course, you all know the “Gladiator” himself, Russell Crowe. But, the show also has the timeless Burt Reynolds.

Mike Myers makes a cameo and also Little Richard.

Our loveable villain Gargamel of “The Smurfs” is also an actor in this show. Way to go, Hank Azaria.

Fans of Kevin Durand will be happy to know that this was one of his earlier flicks before staring in buff-worthy movies such as Legion, Robin Hood, X-Men Origins: Wolverine and Vikings.

Does Mystery Alaska Exist?

No, the town is fictional.

So where did they shoot the movie?

It was done at Banff National Park and Canmore, Alberta.

Another point of fiction was about the appearance of the New York Rangers who declined to be featured in the movie.

Maybe they thought the script was not good enough.

Or was Russell Crowe not enough?

Regardless, the show used fictional players instead, to represent the team.

Watch the Movie on Netflix or Your Favorite Streaming Service.

With all the low-quality TV shows being produced in Alaska for reality television, Mystery, Alaska is a better candidate for your money.

At least you know that the script, roles, and town is fictional at the onset.

Unlike the “Alaskan Bush People” where members of the show were charged with fraud. They claimed to live far off the beaten path in the Alaskan wilderness.

However, they were not even full-time residents of the State. Hence, they did not qualify to get oil money, which is due to all legal residents of the State.

Bad move guys!

Also, the show “Alaska: The Last Frontier” grossly misrepresents the actual realities of life in Alaska.

Many of the show’s players seem to be in dire straits. But in actuality, if they didn’t make a catch, there are three supermarkets close by.

So they don’t have to worry about where dinner is coming from unless they choose to.

The problem with reality shows is not only limited to Alaska, it is universal.

Nevertheless, the Mystery, Alaska movie is a good clean comedy-drama that adeptly represents the greatness and tenacity of the people of Alaska.