Won a million dollars visiting 17 countries!

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Won a million dollars visiting 17 countries!

Won a million dollars visiting 17 countries!

The story of a man of 27 years is truly impressive it all started in 2012, when he approached his old roommate from college with an offer. This, called Eliot Arntz, was in a difficult situation. Bookkeeping in New York and he hated his job. Azzi gave a small amount for it to learn codes and finally to join  application development agency of Azzi, Bitfountain once they finish their education.

“Meanwhile, he teaches courses in General Assembly weekend to teach others how to create simple codes for iOS applications remembers Azzi. “His students loved him. So I said let’s put it online to reach more people with low price “.

Azzi and Arntz spent three months and spent nearly $ 1,000 for an online course application development on iOS 7. “The first week was crazy. I’ve sent emails to everyone he knows in tech – from students to the people who came to a meeting I hosted iOS her, telling them that I built a course that would take beginner and would turn into junior developers learned after 3 months. “

They charged $ 99 for the course and in the first month it was launched in September 2013, won nearly $ 40,000. Their earnings and then decreased “in the next few months I have not won too much” remembers Azzi. They then made a partnership that brought enough money to last until the summer of 2014. Then, says Azzi, made “a truly strategic move”.

Nearly two months before Apple to release iOS 8th and new programming language, Swift made course for iOS 7 available free for everyone. “I had no idea what will happen, but it was crazy. We made the front Chapter page on Reddit programming, Hunt and Product number 1 all over the Internet. In just two days we added 60,000 people in mailing list “.

Getting subscribers has not brought any money but once iOS launched in August, sent an email announcing course at the cost of 89 dollars. “Then everything exploded. I won almost $ 700,000. We were again Product number 1 Hunt, this time with money version of the course. “

They continued to build courses for application development, writing material and Artnz Azzi creating clips. They brought experts and consultants now have 9 courses available (2 are free). From September 2014, according to his Azzi, they won $ 100,000 per month, reaching $ 1 million profit in 2014. While originally built for iOS during August, the two moved from New York to Berlin: “I had a lot of money for iOS 7 was not as high. Berlin is a city cheap so it was the perfect place for us to stay a few months to prepare the course for iOS 8. When I started to win much money, I started to travel around the world “. The two have worked everywhere from Tel Aviv to Palolem, India. “All I needed were laptops and microphones.” Azzi now lives in Paris, while Arntz will move to Melbourne after spending five months in Barcelona. Azzi estimated that visited in 2014 no less than 17 countries.

What Azzi advises other people who might be interested in a similar style of life?“Build the best course possible in that topic surrender. There are plenty of free resources available to learn iOS, and why our course of had 60,000 students in two days and not others? And why thousands of people still pay for our courses? Because we do everything possible for it to be the best on the market. We have a policy to respond to all student questions within 24 hours. It took at least 4 months for full write material for filming. If students pay more than you would spend for a technical book, you better make sure that it exceeds expectations “ Azzi ends.

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