Why Singapore is one of the dream destinations

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Why Singapore is one of the dream destinations 1

Singapore is the southernmost city of Continental Asia, and any plan you have without 15-16 hours of flight with at least one stopover and an investment of at least € 500 if you hunt an offer. But he does all the money, even more than that. “Drinking, possession, or trafficking in drugs is a serious offense to the state and punished with death,” says the senior crew chief before landing at Changi Airport, ranked the world’s most modern. With death by hanging, if details are needed. Cases are isolated and if you have clean thoughts, you really have nothing to worry about in the city considered the safest in the world.

Singapore has only 5.6 million inhabitants, but it is a busy metropolis because its surface is not very large. It has only 700 square kilometers, making the 19th-largest city state the smallest state in the world. From here, and the exorbitant price of housing, a two-room apartment but crammed, because almost all apartments are tiny, and can easily exceed the million dollars. But the city is economically prosperous, being one of the world’s most powerful financial and commercial centers. How did the singers get to live so well? Through work, a lot of work, but also organization, investment and strategy. During the Second World War, the country was conquered by the Japanese, who destroyed almost everything, for which reason a reconstruction of the foundations was needed.

“Our only chance is to work as much as possible,” he told the Chinese, who formed the country’s major population, the first post-war leader. Work has also meant reducing the number of hours and days, but also creating a strict legal education system for the population to provide the country with a healthy climate so that people can concentrate on work. In this context, the imposition of a Spartan education also has the law prohibiting spitting on the street, which has become famous all over the world. Now, no one should imagine that if you are slaves, in the second second, you will be surrounded by policemen who will either fine you or arrest you. No matter what, even the presence of the police is extremely discreet. The discipline rules are just an invitation to be civilized, under the threat of a sanction that starts at 500 SGP (1 Singapore dollar – 0.65 euro) and can reach up to 2,000 but is rarely implemented .

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As a city, Singapore is a successful blend of Manhattan skyscrapers, the charm of old London buildings and the effervescence of Asia. All in a real urban jungle, for its own, because Singapore is a city flooded with greenery, with palm trees and other equatorial trees, planted everywhere. The green is so cruel that even an Irish would be envious, and it is also maintained by the heavy rains that fall from the climate. Just 137 kilometers from the Equator, Singapore has hot weather all year round, with temperatures that are rarely falling below 25 degrees, but also with rapid and intense rains. It laughs for 15-20 minutes to say that the earth breaks, and then the sun comes out and in half an hour it’s dry. The most rainy months are November and December, and the driest is February. Since it was an English colony, British influence is felt everywhere.

All locals speak English, all inscriptions are in English and then in Chinese, and cars have the right wheel. The city has many tourist attractions and is a destination that will never demo, because, not by accident, it has been designated the most intelligent city of the world. He can be beaten without difficulty, but there is a subway, and not a subway, but an ultra-efficient metro, able to ensure fast and cheap transport to all areas. The taxi option is quite expensive because Singapore is an expensive city, sometimes even very expensive. As a curiosity, there are no used cars in Singapore. Any automobile older than five years is returned to the dealer and resells it in Malaysia or Indonesia. Authorities oppose the possession and use of personal cars to limit pollution as far as possible and offer impeccable alternatives to public transport. In Singapore, the city is well-known for its very high standard of living. According to statistics, a worker earns around 4,500 net Singapore dollars, and corporates also reach 10,000 SGPs per month. The state has set up a motivating system for chiefs of large companies, which can take a million dollars a year, provided it produces ten times that amount.

The main attraction in the city is Marina Bay, where there is a huge shopping mall, many of which are accessible only to cards loaded with many zeros in the front queue, but also to the hotel with the same name, the only one in the world that has a large airplane pool. The builders built three impressive buildings near the water’s edge, which they then joined to the last level through an air bridge, represented by a mega-cat. The project belongs to a Canadian architect, of Israeli origin, Moshe Safdie, and the hotel was inaugurated in 2010, with a year behind schedule. From the pool on the 55th floor you can see the whole city and you feel like you’re up at the height of the skyscrapers. Access is only allowed to those staying in the hotel where the room price is about $ 500 per night. But you can do a tour of the hotel, which includes a walk through the swimming pool, where you can see a small part of it. The resort is full of expensive shops and has a casino. In the evening, a game of lights and music unfolds in front of some of the most spectacular fountains in the world.

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Opposite Marina Bay is the Merlion, the symbol of the city, a half lion statue, half a fish that throws water out of the mouth and in front of which all tourists take pictures and because it is one of the few objectives you have free access to. From Merlion you can go to the mini-river on the main canal of the Singapore River, the $ 18 race, the vapors passing under the bridges of many multi-storey buildings that give the feeling that it squeaks the sky. On the water’s edge, in the area called Quay Boat, it is full of English terraces and pubs, crowded especially in the evenings, when corporates get out of work. Prices are not small, the cheapest 330 ml beer costs $ 7, but as I said before, in Singapore they are doing well

The other side of Marina Bay is another great place. Gardens by the Bay emerged from the desire of an organization to turn Singapore, a city that has a 23% share of green space. It has an area of ​​101 hectares and is an oasis of relaxation for both locals and tourists. The park consists of three gardens, Bay South Garden, Bay East Garden and Bay Central Garden, and annually records more than 30 million visitors. The view is wonderful both in the day, but especially in the night, when everything is lit and the place has a special charm.

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