What is not allowed when you are on the plane

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What is not allowed when you are on the plane

What is not allowed when you are on the plane

As in any situation, there are rules of etiquette which is good to keep in mind during plane flights not only to get a more comfortable ride, but also to not disrupt or disturb others.

word usage – “in the plane” or “on the plane” – English Language …

Jan 7, 2016 while the term. “in”. is referred to being inside something. “I am in the basement”. Is it incorrect to say “on” when saying “I am on the plane” ?


Be careful how you use the airplane toilet Do not spend a lot of time and do not leave a mess behind. Choose carefully perfume before traveling by plane Remember that using a fragrance too strongly can be as unpleasant as the odor produced from your body. Therefore, if you dine before boarding, administering a drug to prevent the issuance of too much religious objects is even indicated.

Keep your children under control Even if you are exhausted posture parents, your children are still your responsibility. It is also recommended that passengers disturb the other passengers to talk to children and parents not to admonish children. They are unable to make education the children of strangers and may at the same time, to annoy and disturb.


Think of how you choose to sleep You might want to invest in a special neck pillow to avoid slipping on the shoulders of your neighbors. If you are on his seat in the middle row, avoid using folding little table right place for wellness services head, because your neighbor can pass without having to wake up, according to advice provided by the publication Business Insider. Got the middle seat armrests Unlike passengers turn to place the window, the middle ranks who do not have enough space to stretch your legs or to lay his head. Also, you can give the passenger in the middle and a convenient place mentally, which means not feel forced to converse with you.

Stand up just at the right times Think ahead when you want to go to the toilet. If you see a flight attendant with a cart in the hallway, waiting. As it is impermissible and raising before collecting trays by stewards. Do not overload the place for luggage storage Because hold baggage are charged, the storage space at the top of the plane is usually crowded. It is recommended not busy luggage storage space of another person by placing reverse luggage (horizontal), and if you have two Storage, keep it on the little feet.


This is how to avoid the worst seat on the plane – Yahoo Finance

6 days ago From Yahoo Finance: The middle seat — especially in coach — is one of the most dreaded and common…


Be careful when you leave your seat back Look behind you before the change and warned him seat on the passenger whose space you are going to invade for that person to take care of his drink or to adjust the laptop. And hold the chair as meals. Do not drink more alcohol than is the case Consuming a few drinks containing alcohol can be a pleasant way to spend time on the plane, but do not let things get out of control.

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You may become irritable and recalcitrant, not to mention that it is very likely having to bother neighbors often to go to the toilet. Be nice hostesses There hostesses created rules regarding the position of the tables or seats or seat belts. If they overcharged performance of duties, this can create a nuisance not only in terms of behavior, but can also cause delay landing.

What is not allowed when you are on the plane


What if you do not set your phone in Airplane Mode

Every time you travel by plane, the onboard crew asks you to put any electronic device in Airplane Mode.

In theory, this requirement arises because radiation avoids a phone or a laptop could interfere with the airplane navigation system.

This is not true, writes The Independent, because fortunately, the radiation is not strong enough to affect the navigation system.

However, if you do not set the devices on Flight Mode during the flight, the pilots may have some inconvenience. Here’s what it’s about.

A pilot explained on the Quora forum, which is one of the most frequent incidents during flight, caused by mobile phones.

For example, if a mobile phone not in Airplane Mode is close to the driver’s cab, they may hear a disturbing noise coming through the aircraft‘s audio system, that is, headphones.

It’s like a buzz and will surely bother the pilots. Danger may occur if the airplane already has problems or if the pilots have to communicate with the control tower and their communication is disturbed by this sound.

Of course, this does not happen every time, but the problem appears in about 3% of the cases when mobile phones are not put into Airplane Mode.

It seems an insignificant percentage, but if, even then, an emergency situation occurs and the pilot is distracted by that annoying buzz? That’s why experts recommend us to follow the crew‘s recommendations, every time we board the plane.


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