What is new in Baku

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What is new in Baku 1
What is new in Baku

The first edition of the European Games, conceived as a major race on the type Olympics, but only with athletes on the Old Continent. The competition starts on June 12 in Baku, capital of Azerbaijan, and will end on 28. There are 253 events in 20 sports, will attend more than 6,000 athletes.

The new national stadium in Azerbaijan , 68,000 seats, it’s a marvel, the gym’s outdoor miniature copy of rest facilities were built from scratch or refurbished.

Set on the shores of the Caspian Sea, on a special platform, she announced the other “Euro”..


In the same year, Azerbaijan’s capital, Baku, receiving first-hosting the Olympic Games for the Old Continent. Even at its eastern limit.

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National Stadium (68,700 seats)

New Arena, which will host the opening and closing ceremonies and athletics competitions, cost no less than 710 million dollars.

Opened in March 2015, just three month National Gymnastics Arena (9,000 seats)

Although not necessarily impressed by capacity exterior design has been highly praised. And not just that. The project team has thought a park of 1.6 hectares adjoining building, which has a main hall, a training, canteen and other facilities.

Crystal Hall (25,000 seats)

It will be reduced to only 6,000 places during the competition – there will be parties volleyball, boxing, fencing or karate.High Eurovision is one of the few existing base that looks futuristic.

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 Aquatics Center (6,000 seats)

In the center, 6 acres, there are three swimming pools. s ago, will make the “baptism” for another megaeveniment, Euro 2020.

 After the partnership signed between the Azerbaijani authorities and Atletico Madrid, the Spanish club jerseys bearing on the country’s tourism slogan, “Land of Fire”, the Spanish group has promoted competition. Thus, European Cups and championship matches, Arda Turan and colleagues appeared with the logo “Baku 2015 – the first European edition of the Games.”  Sponsorship contract value amounted to 12 million euros.

 Where did the idea started

First official thought about the games destined for Europe was the penultimate president of the IOC, Jacques Rogge, now a decade and a half. The idea was approved and then developed by Patrick Hickey, President of the European Olympic Committees and former judoka.  The next edition of 2019 will be held in the Netherlands.

3 things about Azerbaijan

  • Independent since 1991, with a population of less than 10 million inhabitants, the country relies on oil and gas resources.


  • Daşlari Neft is the largest city in the world built on stilts (2,000 inhabitants);



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