What can you get for £100 in major tourist cities

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What can you get for £100 in major tourist cities

What can you get for £100 in major tourist cities

If Mexico tourists can buy 100 pounds no less than 102 liters of beer in London, the same amount will buy only 22 liters.

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The flights are generally the most important concerns when it comes to a holiday budget. However, tourists should also think of the amounts they will spend when they reach the destination, writes dailymail.co.uk. For example, if in Havana, capital of Cuba, will buy 100 pounds 93 cups of cappuccino, the same amount in London can purchase only 38. Regarding gasoline, costs vary enormously around the world. If Dubai for £ 100 can buy 270 liters in Reykjavik, Iceland, you will only get 73.

In New York, with £ 100 you can buy 29 cups of cappuccino 18 pints of beer, 197 liters of petrol and 15 tickets to the movies. On the other hand, the same amount in London, you can buy 38 cups of cappuccino 22 pints of beer, 90 liters of petrol or 8 tickets to the movies.

In Barcelona, ​​100 pounds tourists can buy 69 cups of cappuccino 48 pints of beer, 104 liters of petrol and 14 tickets to the movies. As a comparison, in Sidney, tourists can only buy 45 cups of cappuccino 24 pints of beer, 134 liters of petrol or 8 tickets to the movies.

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In Havana, capital of Cuba, prices are more attractive. Those who choose this destination can buy 93 cups of cappuccino, 125 pints of beer, 117 liters of petrol or 548 tickets to the movies. In Paris, the capital of love, the prices are a bit steep. 100 pounds, people who choose France to spend his holidays can purchase 34 cups of cappuccino 20 pints of beer, 93 liters of petrol just 11 tickets to the movies.

In Dubai, the same amount you can buy 28 cups of cappuccino, only 12 beers, 270.5 liters of petrol and 13 tickets to the movies.

In contrast, in Mexico you’ll find some of the best prices. 100 pounds, tourists can buy 72 cups of cappuccino, 102 pints of beer, 183 liters of petrol and 33 tickets to the movies.

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