What are the safest airlines in Europe

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What are the safest airlines in Europe 2

Statistics show that Europe is one of the safest areas for the carriage of persons.

According to the latest analysis of the European Aviation Safety Agency (European Aviation Safety Agency, EASA), the 28 European Union member states have the lowest number of fatal air accidents, with a rate of 1.8 accidents per million of commercial flights.

The number of air accidents classified as serious is relatively low in Europe. Only 0.15 per million flight aircraft were damaged so seriously that they can not be reused, according to IATA.

The figures are much better than in Asia Pacific region (0.44) and comparable to those of North America (0.11).Simply put, in Europe, a plane is lost every seven million flights, CNN explains.

Neither IATA nor EASA does not evaluate individual airlines on history to aircraft safety.

Germanwings plane crashed Tuesday in the French Alps, drew attention to the aircraft flight safety European air transport companies, but official data show that these air operators offer some of the safest air transportation in the world, KLM, Lufthansa, TAP Portugal is European airlines with the best history in terms of air incidents.

20 safest airlines for 2018: AirlineRatings.com names them | CNN …

Jan 4, 2018 2017 has been declared the safest year in aviation history. AirlineRatings.com names what it says are the world’s 20 safest airlines for 2018.


An Airbus A320 of the company’s low-cost Germanwings, a subsidiary of Lufthansa, the main German airline, crashed Tuesday in the French Alps, all 150 people on board lost their lives.

This is the worst such accident in Europe, the collapse in 2008, shortly after takeoff, the aircraft Spanair Madrid airport, inform cnn.com . Also in France accident is the worst involving an aircraft of an airline of Europe from the Atlantic to collapse an Airbus A330 of Air France in 2009.

Germanwings disaster comes amid a tough year for the global aviation industry, dominated by accidents with hundreds of deaths.

10 Safest Airlines In The World

AirlineRatings.com recently released a list of the 10 safest airlines selected from a pool of 449 carriers around the world. To compile its list, the website evaluated each airline based on its standing with international regulators, its fatality


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In 2014, there were 641 deaths in plane crashes over three times more than in 2013, according to the International Air Transport Association (International Air Transport Association, IATA). And this number does not include the 298 victims of felling Malaysian Airlines flight MH17 over Ukraine in July last year. That event was not classified as an accident.

An organization that makes such analysis is however Assessment Data Center collapse on commercial aircraft (Jet Airliner Crash Data Evaluation Centre, JACDEC), Germany. The organization achieved a top flight safety events of the largest airlines in the world 60. A quarter of these companies are airline operators in Europe.

JACDEC calculate the number of incidents reported to air traffic lost planes of each company in the last 30 years.

Dutch company KLM, Air France KLM group part occupies the best position in the top of all European companies, finishing in fifth place and the only one in the top ten.

The next European company in the ranking is Lufthansa ranks 12th. Four other operators in Europe Air Freight occupy positions in the top 20 safest companies: TAP Portugal, British Airways, Virgin Atlantic and Air Berlin. Scandinavian Airlines, SAS known under the acronym is the worst ranked European company, ranking 48.

While most airlines in Europe occupy the top half of the rankings, Asian operators are the worst positions. Asian companies are less than a third of the total of 60 operators in the classification drawn up by JACDEC, seven of the ten worst companies in terms of safety being Asian history.

The world’s safest airlines are named in two sets of annual positions, with Qantas and Cathay Pacific taking out .1 spots. The rankings from AirlineRatings.com place Qantas at number one for the 4th year in a row. The site said the Flying Kangaroo’s document of zero fatalities in its jet era were extraordinary. Airline Ratings named the remainder of 0 best safe airlines in alphabetical order: Air New Zealand, Alaska Airlines, All Nippon Airways, British Airways, Cathay Pacific Airways, Delta Air Lines, Etihad Airways, EVA Air, Finnair, Hawaiian Airlines, Japan Airlines, KLM, Lufthansa, Scandinavian Airline System, Singapore Airlines, Swiss, United Airlines, Virgin Atlantic and Virgin Australia.

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Qantas was named the world airline. The web site ranked airlines based onaudits from aviation governing bodies and lead institutions, government audits, airline crash and severe incident record, profitability and fleet age. In the mean time, Hong Kong’s Cathay Pacific carrier has been named the world’s closest airline for the 3rd year in out a row by Germany’sJet Airliner Crash Data Assessment Centre, orJACDEC. Air New Zealand followed in second position together with China’s Hainan Airlines rounding off the top three. Qantas was named the world’s ninth closest airline at JACDEC rankings, jumping four places from last year.

Get the most recent news and updates emailed straight to your inbox. By submitting your e-mail you’re agreeing to Fairfax Media’s terms and conditions and privacy policy. Qantas was Australia’s only airline called in the top 12 together with the full report, featuring 60 airlines, to be released on January 18th. The lowest-ranking airlines in its JACDEC report were China Airlines at number 60, below Avianca and Garuda Indonesia. Despite latest high profile incidents, including the Nov crash of out a LaMia jet, killing 71 people including out a Brazilian soccer team, and its loss of a Russian airplane carrying a military choir on Christmas Eve, 2016 has been the 2nd closest year on record for air travel.

JACDEC reported out a total of 321 fatalities, 376 episodes, 219 severe incidents and 37 hull lossess among the carriers surveyed. Even though these numbers might seem high at first glance, 2017 saw about 3.5 billion air passengers fly, which places its incidents at one death for every 10, 769, 230 travellers. 2013 remains the closest year on document for flying together with 29 fatal crashes and 265 deaths. Other high profile accidents in 2016 included its loss of an EgyptAir flight from Paris to Cairo, which vanished from its Mediterranean in May, and Flydubai Flight 981 which crashed after an aborted landing in Russia.

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Here are the top ten safest large airlines in Europe, according JACDEC:

1. KLM
2. Lufthansa
3. TAP Portugal
4. British Airways
5. Virgin Atlantic
6. Air Berlin
7. EasyJet
8. Thomson Airways
9. Swiss
10. Ryanair

The safest places in the plane

The safest places in the plane. The place occupied in the aircraft‘s important to know how to act in case of problems during the flight, be it simple turbulence or a more serious case.

The safest places in the plane. Front seats dangerous Following impact with the ground, the front of the plane and the first rows of seats usually reserved for the class were the most damaged, according to “The Telegraph“. Common causes of injury The most common causes of injury in an aircraft when the aircraft are shaken by turbulence, and passengers are not on their seats or seat belts were not. Near one of the emergency exits An analysis conducted by the US government in 2013 regarding aviation accidents between 1993 and 2000, involving 53,487 people showed that over 90% of the passengers survived. According to this reasoning, some scientists argue that those who occupy places at more than six rows from an emergency exit have less chance of survival.

The safest places in the plane. The seats of the window, not recommended According to a study published by Men’s Health and cited by wood-călătorii.ro places the glass are not recommended, because it was shown that those who sit by the window rises slowed or stopped during a flight, as this involves disturbance Besides the two passengers. Also, gravity leads to accumulation of blood in the legs, and those who are sitting for a long period is likely to have medical problems, therefore, the aisle seats are preferred. Advice As you reach the plane is recommended to count how many times you close the emergency exit. In case of problems during the flight, you can tell at what point should you target.

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