Saint Lucia Weekly Events (2024 Update)

Caribbean rums are popular at all island events!

1. Gros Islet Jump Up Street Party (Friday)

The Jump Up in Gros Islet is one of the best-known street parties in the Caribbean. The event began nearly 40 years ago and continues to entertain visitors and locals every Friday night. A few streets in the middle of the village are blocked off but there’s still plenty of parking close-by.

The eclectic music is normally provided by a DJ but occasionally there is live entertainment, particularly coinciding with holidays or special events. All of the rum shops are open and BBQ is available everywhere. Fish, pork and chicken along with lots of local sides are the fare.

More conservative persons and families might prefer to get there early to have a more relaxed time and be able to sit down to a peaceful meal.

Hardcore partying gets going around 11:00 and before you know it, hundreds of people are packing the street dancing to the pulsating rhythms. It is advisable to leave valuables and unnecessary jewelry behind and not to wander away from the main action.

2. Anse La Raye Seafood Friday

Seafood Friday in Anse La Raye is a true Caribbean street party but it is much less of a raucous event than the Jump Up as the focus is on the food.

There is plenty of music to be enjoyed and a bit of dancing breaks out later but for full enjoyment arrive early (by 7:30) for the best food selection and seating. The event takes place on the street that runs along the village beachfront and there is ample cover should a few sprinkles pop up.

Fresh seafood, prepared Lucian style, is the main attraction. Of course, plenty of side dishes will tantalize as well. It should be noted that this is not a ‘fish fry’; virtually nothing is fried, and everything is done on large grills.

The people of Anse La Raye are very friendly and work hard to welcome guests; don’t hesitate to walk around a bit in the area to enjoy a drink with the locals in a rum shop or join in a game of dominoes.

3. Dennery Fish Saturday

Seeing the popularity of the street parties in Gros Islet and Anse La Raye, the east coast town of Dennery decided to offer an event of its own only they do it on Saturday nights.

Plenty of music and party atmosphere is there to accompany the fresh seafood fare, prepared local style, of course.

Dennery also benefits from the cooling effects of the ever-present trade winds coming in off the Atlantic making for very comfortable conditions. As Dennery is farther removed from the main tourist centers on the island, guests can expect a more local crowd and ambiance.

4. Canaries Creole Pot (every other Saturday)

Guests looking for a purely local event will love the Creole Pot street party held in the small west coast village of Canaries. If you go you just might be the only tourists there.

The ridiculously low prices for the tasty local fare confirms they certainly aren’t after the mass tourist market.

Creole Pot is a favorite of foreigners living in Saint Lucia who wish to avoid the more touristy events in favor of mingling with the natives. Music also tends to be on the local side as there often is a Creole band playing in support of the DJ.

If you go, park on the main road and walk into the village center; the people are very friendly in Canaries and guests can feel very comfortable walking around this quaint little community.

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