Vincent Eudovic (St. Lucian Woodworker)

Wood carver Vincent Eudovic was born in Saint Lucia’s rural community of Babonneau in 1942. He began carving at a very early age and won his first exhibition contest at age 12; it was from this time Eudovic knew was his life’s work would be.

Upon completing his public schooling he departed to Trinidad to continue his studies and carving. After a very successful 10 years in Trinidad Eudovic returned to Saint Lucia to teach art.

Still wishing to improve his craft, he then applied for a United Nations scholarship and ventured off to Nigeria, Africa, where his studies brought, in his view, maturity to his art form. Eudovic then returned to Saint Lucia and resumed teaching but after a few years left to concentrate on his artwork as well as to open his own gallery and workshop in Goodlands, Castries, which is still in operation today.

Eudovic has participated in many competitions over the years, including the Caribbean’s first wood carving exhibition held in Guadeloupe in 1975, where he won the Golden Medal Award for best Caribbean Wood Sculptor.

He has held exhibitions and has work displayed in nearly every island in the region as well as in Europe and has work in museums and private collections worldwide.

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