Villages in Romania you must visit

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Villages in Romania you must visit

Villages in Romania you must visit

A list of some of the most beautiful villages in Romania,  from the stories of friends and colleagues, Holiday editorial. So if you’re planning a weekend getaway and do not know what destination to choose, inspire yourself from the list below. Whatever you choose, you can not go wrong, they are all gorgeous!

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Villages in Romania you must visit

Botiza / In the heart of Maramures, Iza Valley, kept waiting a story that defies human habitation during tirelessly ever. Botiza was attested in 1373 under the name Batizha and besides beauty of the places that will surely delight, here you can visit the monastery Botiza mineral water or spring Borcut. Once here, you can also see and Barsana, another village of Maramures are proud of that and that’s as picturesque as Botiza.
Ciocăneşti / village location is another story. You find Bistrita valley on the road connecting Moldova Maramures, not far from Worcester. On a placard at the entrance read “village museum” because it’s one of the few who managed Romanian villages, despite the passage of time, to preserve architectural harmony in a world obsessed with glass, fireworks pompous, modern finishes and Stainless steel railings.
Its name comes from the days when villagers Faure weapons and armor for the hosts Moldovan rulers. Legend has it that Stephen the Great had established altar of the monastery Putna place freedman in the air with an arrow made by the people of these lands. Here you can find and painted houses. Yes, you read right. Houses painted.


Pleşa / Few people know that in Bukovina, close to Gura Humorului is a beautiful village, inhabited exclusively by Poles.  Besides peace and wellbeing that come bundled with image landscapes, there you can find out a lot about the culture, gastronomy and Polish traditions. And if you like to hike, the better you can explore the surroundings, any piece of Bucovina is a piece of heaven and will certainly suit you.

Rimetea / Rimetea is one of the most beautiful villages in Transylvania. Villagers here say that the sun rises twice.And in a way, really. The city is bordered by steep slopes, which creates the impression that the sun rises in the sky twice. The Rimetea necessarily have to get if you like escalations and sports aviation, because – because of the way it’s set – Rimetea is the ideal destination for paragliding, off the road and hiking. And if you’re willing longer go another 5 kilometers, you can visit the fortress Colţeşti, who was raised in sex. XIII, on a steep cliff, to serve the villagers as a place of refuge from the Tatar invasions.
Şirnea / Şirnea is a village like JRR Tolkien‘s novels came out. It’s a small village in Brasov, located at the foothills of Stone National Park, at an altitude of 1,400 m. In 1960 Şirnea was declared the first tourist village in Romania, and now there are a lot of exciting events happening as fire Sumedru (patron crops and shepherds), which takes place every year on 25 October. When the village children dress in costumes specific place, make a fire and dancing around him. The bravest of them jumping through fire or Sumedru jumping over fire, as villagers say.
Tibanesti Tibanesti village is located in the southern county of Iaşi, at a distance of 50 km from the city of Iasi and Vaslui and Roman cities. What can you visit? Mansion “Petre P. Carp” – dating from the fourteenth century.”Mausoleum and Park” covers an area of ​​7.82 ha. In the summer of 1905 his grandfather Petre P. Carp, Carp Ion has rebuilt the mansion, adding a floor over existing ground floor and first floor with a large terrace from which stretches a beautiful view over the park and on the plains. The mansion is surrounded by Petre P. Carp arboretum, founded in the nineteenth century, at the initiative of Petre P. Carp on his family property. The vegetation consists of native trees and exotic ornamental and forest woody species. Joint-style concept straight and curved cobblestone alleys, central water pool.

Viscri / Viscri is a village of 1,000 people that became known worldwide after Prince Charles has bought a house there. Judging by the photos, it’s not hard to imagine why the heir to the British crown love the land Brasov.What you need to know about Viscri, if you choose to visit? Well, firstly you should know that hosts one of the most spectacular and ancient Saxon fortified church, which has already been entered in the UNESCO World Heritage. If you get there you should not miss any of chicken noodle soup, baked bread and jams. Few people know the sweetness of Viscri, officially launched in 2012 at Paris. T

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he French can buy a bag packed with a silver spoon, but you can get a smile in return, villagers in Viscri are very generous.In recent years, the small village of Viscri Brasov won more and more tourists, especially foreigners. Many say that the success of the village is due to Prince Charles, who has a house in the village, The village with just over 1,000 souls in a few years became a tourist attraction for the tens of thousands of foreigners.

Viscri lives from tourism, and each resident participates something. Caroline Fernolend is one of the drivers who operated mechanism Viscri. Helped by other villagers eager to do something for their community, he managed to turn in a village Viscri where everyone works and is proud of local traditions. Success story is told by Caroline village Brasov, mother Sara, but also those who “invented” Local brands: socks, shoes and jams.

Caroline Fernolend, Executive Director and Vice-President of the Mihai Eminescu Trust, is 52 years old and was born, he grew up and lives in Viscri, one of the people who fought the village to develop. Even if it may have successful careers anywhere in the city, Caroline chose his native village. After he graduated from Brasov, where he studied economics, he took a decision that stunned her colleagues.

Viscri chose Prince Charles

Even if the image of the village is associated with Prince Charles, Caroline says it chose not Viscri, but was rather the opposite.Prince Charles and Saschiz properties, was often visited there, but the village does not attract tourists. Many foreigners come to Viscri for authenticity and traditional food in advance as Prince Charles have a house in the area.

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UNESCO village

One of victories Fernolend Caroline managed to bring to Viscri village was the inclusion in UNESCO, a title that offers a plus for travel home.The assignment is a promotion that titles itself, she believes, and stresses that the most important in a community are people, they are the ones who value the authentic village.

Single treatment plant in the country

Also with the support of the Mihai Eminescu Trust, Caroline Fernolend managed in 2011 to build a treatment plant Viscri ecological unique in Romania. The Buneşti Hall of Viscri belongs, and people have received without paying taxes sewer drains. Station cost 400,000 euros.Station Maintenance is very simple: you only need to mow reed that grows on lakes and over 40-50 years would need to be cleaned lakes.

Prince Charles to buy property in homeland of relative ‘Count Dracula’

A house in the Viscri village would cost about £4,000. The Prince‘s alleged relative Vlad is said to have dispatched more than 100,000 Turkish warriors in battle. The vampire legend was fed by Vlad’s own predilection for eating bread dipped in his 


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