How To Bring a Vape or Cartridge on Vacation: 5 Tips

With vapes and cartridges only growing in popularity, it makes sense that you’d want to bring your electronic smoking devices with you on vacation. However, there are some important things to consider concerning vape and travel. 

Here are five travel tips for bringing a vape or cartridge with you on vacation: 

  1. Check the laws for where you’re going. 
  2. Research airline policies. 
  3. Be mindful of the people around you. 
  4. Keep a vape packing list on your phone. 
  5. Use carrying cases or plastic bags. 

The rest of this article will dive into deeper detail about these vaping travel tips, so you can enjoy a relaxing trip that fits your personal needs without compromising the habits you love. 

1. Check the Laws for Where You’re Going

One of the most important travel tips for bringing a vape or cartridge with you on vacation is to check the laws in place at your destination. 

This is incredibly crucial, especially when traveling out of the country. Some countries have banned E-cigarettes containing nicotine, while others have banned E-cigarettes entirely. Some also have restrictions regarding vaping that you might not be aware of. 

This is why it’s so essential to read up on the laws present in the area you’re traveling to. Rules are different everywhere you go, which is why it’s important to be mindful of them so you don’t find yourself in any unpleasant legal situations. 

Running into trouble with the law is no way to have a relaxing vacation. It’s always a good idea to make sure you’re following the rules so you can enjoy your holiday to the fullest. 

2. Research Airline Policies

Another critical travel tip is to research airline policies. 

The reasoning behind this is that most airline policies will not allow you to bring E-cigarettes onto an airplane unless it is in a carry-on bag. You cannot bring any E-cigarette device onto a plane through checked luggage; otherwise, you will not be permitted to bring it at all. 

An additional and equally essential thing to note is that using or charging your vape or cartridge is not just prohibited while flying but dangerous. It’s also inconsiderate to the other passengers on the plane. 

To avoid getting into trouble with local authorities or airlines, it’s best to save the vaping until you’re out of the airport. 

Another thing to note about airline policies is that there are different laws for the possession of cannabis as well, which is something to keep in mind if you’re bringing a weed cartridge with you. While marijuana is legalized in various states across the United States, most airlines do not allow you to transport it as a passenger– even medical marijuana. 

Possession of cannabis or products containing cannabis (such as cartridge refills) as an airline passenger is a federal offense and will inevitably lead to involvement with the authorities. 

This is why it’s vital to research airline laws and policies to ensure that you comply with everything you must abide by. Reading up on these policies will allow you to safely travel with your vaping devices while avoiding trouble with laws you didn’t know about. 

 Research Airline Policies
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3. Be Mindful of the People Around You

While traveling with vapes and cartridges, it’s imperative to consider the people around you. 

Traveling often requires you to be around lots of people at once. During vacations, you frequent airports, restaurants, public rest stops, events, and more. While E-cigarettes are physically discrete, they release a lot of strong scents and chemicals that are not only noticeable to the people around you, but potentially damaging to their health as well. 

You should avoid vaping in public places to prevent endangering people with asthma, disabilities, and chronic illnesses who can be heavily impacted by the chemicals released by E-cigarettes. This is because the toxins released by vaping can damage vital immune system cells, and many people with chronic illnesses already have compromised immune systems. 

Many disabilities and chronic illnesses are not visible to the eye, which is why it’s important to always assume that someone will be negatively impacted if you vape in a crowded area. While you might not be affected by it, other people are. 

This is why it’s crucial to be mindful of those around you while traveling. Because traveling requires close contact with crowds, it’s just the polite thing to do. 

4. Keep a Vape Packing List on Your Phone

Another helpful tip for bringing vapes and cartridges with you on vacation is to keep a packing list of essentials on your phone. This can include refills, batteries, chargers, and other necessities you’ll undoubtedly miss if you leave them at home. 

You can keep this list on a sticky note or piece of paper, but those methods of list-keeping are not as reliable as a note on your phone because they’re easily lost and not something you’d think to take with you. On the other hand, your phone is more reliable and typically an item that you keep on you at all times. 

Writing down a packing list will also help you remember what you need to bring. Studies have shown that lists actually improve your brain’s ability to get things done. Our minds love systems, and writing down your vape and cartridge travel essentials is an excellent way to ensure that you don’t leave them at home. 

5. Use Carrying Cases or Plastic Bags

Using the proper carrying cases and organizational tools is another excellent way to level up your vaping experiences while traveling. 

When traveling with vapes and cartridges, purchasing a carrying case is a good idea. A good case will protect your devices and prevent leaks. We recommend this USA GEAR Vape Case available on, for its aesthetically pleasing and highly functional design. 

If you don’t want to make that extra purchase, you can also use plastic bags to keep your vaping gear separate from the rest of your belongings. This tip is also strongly recommended by airlines. 

Use Carrying Cases or Plastic Bags
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Key Takeaways

Vaping is an essential part of the daily routine of many. It can help people calm down and wind down, and it’s a comfort that you’ll miss on your travels– unless you keep these guidelines in mind. Following these tips will allow you to take steps closer to the relaxing vacation you’ve been dreaming of. 

Some of these tips can help you achieve that: 

  • Read up on airline and destination policies. 
  • Be considerate of the people around you. 
  • Use lists and organizers to keep track of your vaping essentials. 
  • Travel as prepared as possible.

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