US couple traveled to 71 countries in four years

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US couple traveled to 71 countries in four years 1

US couple traveled to 71 countries in four years

A US couple took a surprising decision when he was thousands of kilometers from home, a decision that proved inspired and changed his life.

Thus, in 2012, when he was with classmates on holiday in Mozambique, Justin Carmack decided not to return to the US, but to stay on their own, with only $ 400 in his pocket, not enough for a ticket back home.

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” Almost nobody knew English, and I had only a backpack with shirts and pants. Basically, we had nothing, ” says Carmack.

His desire for change started after 2009, while working on an oil field in Colorado, he suffered an accident after which he got terrible burns. Although initially only wanted to change positions with one better paid, to avoid such accidents, Carmack went to change her life, with the decision in Mozambique.” I was never satisfied, ” confesses Carmack about his previous job. In Mozambique, she engaged in a hostel and a diving center and started a blog about his adventures in Africa.

US couple traveled to 71 countries in four years

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With the money, Carmack traveled to Zambia, South Africa, Malawi and Tanzania, and then found a cheap flight to Thailand and changed the continent. In Asia, Carmack painted hotel rooms and traveled with the money earned in Cambodia, Malaysia, Indonesia, and in Australia, Central and South America, writesBusiness Insider.

Then Carmack first arrived in Europe and decided not to change jobs, but to build a blog tour to support its financial affairs. When Google search pages indexed up and started to run ads on his blog, Carmack left Estonia, the first European country visited, and ended in most countries of the old continent, with the financial support of hotels and agencies tourism.

US couple traveled to 71 countries in four years

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Not too long in Europe but returned to Africa, specifically in Egypt, the Red Sea, where he became fledged diver. Currently, Carmack makes $ 40,000 per year of the blog, has 99,000 followers on Twitter, 21,000 fans on Facebook, and most of its costs are borne transport of hotels and travel agencies.

” I’m on the road for 4 ½ years and saw 71 countries. So I’m living my dream. I’ll always remember how I hitchhiked in Malawi, as we reached Machu Picchu, as we protested in Turkey and Romania and so on ‘, explained Carmack.

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