Unpleasant experiences of a man who traveled to 73 countries

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Unpleasant experiences of a man who traveled to 73 countries

Unpleasant experiences of a man who traveled to 73 countries

Drew Goldberg is a young American who turned his passion for travel into a lifestyle. The man traveled far in 73 countries.

Raised in Arizona, United States, Drew got a taste Goldberg trips during the third year of college, when he taught a semester in Prague. After graduation, the man chose to kick a well-paid job in a corporation, to teach English in Seoul, South Korea. After 18 months in the chair, Goldberg traveled to over 20 countries in Asia, and from January 2015 when he left his job in the United States, Drew has traveled to over 30 countries in November, according to “The Independent “.

Ever since he was a student, write about each trip on American blog, “The Hungry Partier” pursued by more than 120 thousand people on social networks. Recently, man has published a list of the most unpleasant experiences that took part in his travels:

Unpleasant experiences of a man who traveled to 73 countries

The Forgetting of Pleasant and Unpleasant Experiences



1. The food in Philippines “Although it is one of my favorite countries, I was not satisfied with the food. Their food consists of ordinary white rice with fish over. I need variety when it comes to food ‘.

2. Nightlife in Brunei “Most Islamic countries have strict rules regarding sale and consumption of alcoholic beverages, so nightlife is virtually non-existent. I visited the city of Bandar Seri Begawan in a Friday night, and the streets were so empty, I heard a coin hitting the tarmac 20 meters away. ”

3. Most rude people in Egypt “I was recently in Cairo and I had bad experiences with almost every person I met. All the men were very aggressive and I witnessed three different scandals in the street. “


4. Problems with the Internet in Mayanmar “I love Myanmar, but the country has remained frozen in time, about 20 years ago from its neighbors. I found the wireless internet in large cities, but it was incredibly slow. I believe, however, that things will change in this regard in the next 3-5 years, the number of tourists began to grow in this area. “


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5. Kuala Lumpur “I heard a lot of good things about Kuala Lumpur when traveling through Asia, but when I got there I realized it was just a boring version of Bangkok. I noticed that it is quite dangerous. I was traveling with a friend who was assaulted and verbally harassed on the streets. ”

6. The highest prices in London “I was in London for the first time only two months ago and we had some huge expectations. To be honest, however, I was very impressed. High prices I was disappointed, especially travel relative to a decent budget. ”

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