Ultimate guide to heart of the mayan world

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Ultimate guide to heart of the mayan world

The tropical forest of Peten are considered one of the “lungs” of the planet because of their unique vegetation. The region bears an incredible historical value, the ruins that spring from the wild jungle unfold their irresistible and distinct charm to every visitor. The “Maya Biosphere Reserve” hides archaeological sites such as the Tikal National Park, Yaxha, Ceibal, Aguateca, San Bartolo, El Mirador or Uaxactun.

Heart of the mayan world – Guatemala National Park’s

“Place of Voices” is one of the largest cities ever created by mayan civilization, declared World Cultural and Natural heritage since 1979. From its gigantic surface of 576 square kilometres more than 3000 artefacts have been discovered.

The Plaza Mayor, stands out from all other temples and sites. The square is framed by “Temple of the Jaguar” and “Temple of  The Masks” as well by the northern and the central Acropolis.

“Temple of Jaguar Priest” is famous for its elaborately carved cornices. “Double Headed Snake Temple” is the tallest in Tikal, rising 70 metres in the air. It also offers a spectacular view of the entire park from its top.

Yaxha National Park – is host of more than 500 monumental buildings, including an astronomical complex, two twin pyramids and the Acropolis, crossed by streets, squares and alleys give testimony to the richness of the society that once inhabited this ancient city.

From Temple 216, the tallest discovered building to date, one can look far over the rain forest to the lagoons of Yaxha and Sacnab, deep in the Maya Biosphere Reserve. Piedras Negras is considered one of the most important Mayan cities and is world famous for the sculptures that are exhibited all around the world.

National Park “El Mirador” is surrounded by a formation of karstic mountains and covers an area of 3000 squares kilometres. In this area, there are many ancient Mayan monuments to be found but the natural scenery alone is breathtaking.

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The subtropical forests are home to a few rare and endangered animal and plant species. The area can only be reached by helicopter or on foot in a demanding but worthwhile three-day march.

“The Great Danta Pyramid” is named after the largest animal that once inhabited these territories. With 2800 cubic metres it is the largest pyramid in the world by volume and the highest in all of the American continent standing 72 metres tall.

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