Top places to dine while in in Rome, Italy

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Top places to dine while in in Rome, Italy
Top places to dine while in in Rome, Italy

Top places to dine while in in Rome, Italy

Perhaps you’ve been to Rome countless times, or perhaps this will be your first visit. The awe-inspiring fountains, the marble sculptures and of course the pristine ancient architecture.  The sights and sounds of Rome are utterly amazing. Perhaps one of the most pleasurable experiences while in Rome is its savoury Italian cuisine.

For those who have never visited Rome, the dining is exquisite.  It is not just the delicious food, but the entire experience of dining in Rome where mythology was born and the Renaissance began.   Once you have had a full-course meal in one of the many magnificent restaurants and eateries, you may not want to return home to your neighborhood Italian restaurant, it just isn’t the same.

While in in Rome – Choosing the right cuisine

As with any major city, finding the right kinds of food to eat and which restaurant to choose from can be rather difficult. Italian food is not just about pasta or pizza.  There are so many aspects that one must factor in when choosing the right restaurant for that truly gratifying dining experience. One such factor is the type of Italian cuisine you desire. There are many regions in Italy that have various types of specialty cuisine and each of these regions have flavorful tastes that are quite unique.

If you desire a meal with a spicy kick then Abruzzo and Molise region cuisine is for you.  For those who enjoy a meal of fresh-caught seafood, then Calabria region cuisine will fulfill your seafood desire. Let us not forget Tuscan region, known the world over for its fine natural and flavorful ingredients.

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Perhaps you are a pasta lover, Campania region is the cuisine that will satisfy any pasta aficionado.  Known for its extensive use of herbs and vegetables, Liguria region cuisine will be a dining delight. As there are perhaps a dozen or so types of cuisines from the various regions of Italy, when dining in Rome choosing the right one should be no problem as there is a restaurant on just about every corner of the city.

Best Places to dine  – While in in Rome

Whether it be breakfast, lunch, or dinner, finding a dining establishment that will suit your appetite needs will be no problem. Choosing from fine or casual dining shouldn’t be a chore as there are restaurants throughout the city that will satisfy most any hunger. As Italians are proud of their cuisine, they take special care in preparing the most delicious and well-presented meal for your dining pleasure.

La Prosciutteria Trevi (Fresh, not frozen)

With their multiple restaurants located throughout Rome, it is not your ordinary chain restaurant.  They pride themselves in preparing everything (and we mean everything) from scratch. You will not find a freezer in their kitchen as they have fresh food (never frozen) brought in each day. Their specialty dishes are many and their house wine is relatively inexpensive.  The casual atmosphere is more suitable for lunchtime dining. Located at: Via Della Panetteria, 34 | Fontana Di Trevi, 00187 Rome, Italy

Pinsere (Pizza at its finest)

As soon as you walk in the door, the aroma of spicy sauce and cheese, fills the air. This is a “must” for any pizza lover. Their unusually shaped oblong pizza has a crispy, light crust loaded with a topping of your choice.  This is one of the local’s favorite places for pizza especially at lunchtime where you may have a wait. This Monday to Friday pizza establishment is only open in the early to late afternoon. Located at: Via Flavia, 98, 00187 Rome, Italy

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Panino Divino (The “in” place for panni)

Considered the best place for paninis in Rome, this food establishment prides itself in a multitude of sandwich choices made with the freshest of ingredients. Located near the Vatican, it is a tourist’s favorite spot for a quick bite and an overwhelming menu of paninis to choose from. Located at: Via dei Gracchi 11a (Via Ottaviano), 00192 Rome, Latium Italy

Likeat (Casual and friendly bistro)

This quaint bistro and sandwich bar creates amazing sandwiches made only with the finest of locally-grown produce and farm-raised meats. Just a short stroll from Castel Sant’Angelo and just steps from San Pietro, this eatery in the heart of Rome’s casual dining district is an excellent way to savor your noontime meal.  Located at: Corso Vittorio Emanuele II 310, 00186 – Roma

La Pergola (Extensive menu, but at a price)

For that memorable evening dining experience, La Pergola is the one to choose. Located in the Rome, at the Cavalieri Hotel, the restaurant has a menu that will satisfy most any appetite. Best get reservations as they often book quickly, especially during high tourist season (generally in May). As their food selection are unbelievable (over 100 entrée selections), they are on the expensive side and not for the budget-conscious traveler. Located at: Via Alberto Cadlolo 101 00136 Rome, Italy

Da Simo…Pane e Vino (Tourist and Locals meeting place)

Looking for a quaint and affordable bar with light appetizers and beverages?  Nestled among the historic restaurant-lined streets of Via di Parione, this friendly bar has locals and tourists alike socializing on their back-lot terrace (a hidden gem) especially during aperititvo (appetizer) hour in the late afternoon. Located at: Via di Parione, 34 Rome, Italy

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Pane e Salame (A lunchtime favorite)

For a true Italian lunch meal, Pane e Salame is the place to go. With a menu filled with selections of local homemade cheeses, Italian meats, olives, and more, choosing your lunch meal will be difficult when trying to decide between the many menu choices. What makes it even more appealing is its reasonable prices. Located at: Via di Santa Maria in Via 19, 00187 Rome, Italy

La Fata Ignorante (Wood-fired meals at its best)

A favorite for lunchtime locals and conveniently adjacent to the Piramide metro station, many of their handmade specialties are prepared in their wood-fired oven. Their pizzas and specialty dishes are amazing.  Located at: Via Giuseppe Giulietti 5/5a/7, 00154 Rome, Italy

So, wherever you choose your dining experience, Rome, Italy is one of the finest cities to explore various regions and specialties. Be it lunch or dinner, there is such a variety of tasteful cuisines that will meet any gastronomic appetite. Unfortunately, there are so many places to experience Rome’s dining experiences and ambiance, you may want to stay longer to try every Rome eatery. Oh yes, while on your dining excursions, you must at the very least, sample many of the delightful wines from the various regions of Italy.  They are a perfect beverage addition to your mouth-watering meal.  As they say in Italy, Godetevi la vostra esperienza culinaria!  (Enjoy your dining experience!)

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