Top of the most beautiful public spaces in the world

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Top of the most beautiful public spaces in the world


Top of the most beautiful public spaces in the world

We made a top of the world’s most beautiful public spaces. These include an amphitheater set in a red sandstone natural structure and the largest reading room in the world.

18 of the most beautiful public spaces in the world, according to …

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Vehicles block the streets of dozens of cities around the world. Fortunately, in some areas authorities have begun to understand the need for spaces for citizens who want to enjoy peace. Though, in most cases, impressive amounts are invested, few of these spaces are spectacular. BusinessInsider has made the top of the world’s most beautiful public spaces. State Library of Melbourne, Australia (main photo) The reading room of the library is the largest in the world, being built in 1854. It is a place where citizens can always find peace, solitude and a place for reflection. The octagonal space was designed to accommodate over a million books and up to 600 people, making it extremely inviting for visitors.

Millennium Park in Chicago, Illinois

“It was a game change not only for Chicago and for the buildings surrounding the park but also for cities everywhere,” says Carol Coletta, vice president of the National Community of Initiatives. “Lurie Garden is a hidden corner in the southeast of the park, one of my favorite places all over the world, managing to keep calm in the midst of chaos,” he added.

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Central Market, Florida

Developing a housing complex as a small town is almost impossible, says Steve Mouzon, founder of Mouzon Design. The developer used public space to promote a new independent community. He had the boldness to build a small town with a post office, a grocery store, a bookstore and a range of restaurants and shops.

Top of the most beautiful public spaces in the world

The streets of New Orleans, Louisiana

The streets of New Orleans are exceptional for walks, says Eric Kronberg, director of the Kronberg Wall design and architecture firm. “I was lucky to choose the Tulane School of Architecture in New Orleans. We spent the last 20 years since graduating from the city. I’ve measured, photographed and noticed all the details, such as street width, block lengths, sidewalks, or the distance between buildings and the street, all representing urbanization on a human scale, “explains Kronberg.

Prospect Park in Brooklyn, New York

“It’s an excellent balance between natural space and well-managed space, and perhaps most importantly, the landscape is truly varied and exciting, always managing to surprise me,” said Julie Ember, associate director of Bryant Park Corporation in New York.

Red Rocks Amphitheater in Denver, Colorado

“This open-air amphitheater of 9,525 seats is set in an amazing structure of red sandstone, it is sufficiently roomy, yet intimate, contemporary and historical, epic and human, and reminds us that any creation of people is inferior nature, “says Jonathan Rose, president of companies with the same name.

Trafalgar Square, London

Since the 13th century, Trafalgar Square in London has been used for political gatherings and demonstrations, including Bloody Sunday, anti-war protests, and climate change campaigns.

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River Street in Savannah, Georgia

History of Savannah was formed about 200 years ago, the street being refurbished in the late 1970s, including shops, restaurants, bars and art galleries.

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