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Top 10 things less known about Russians

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Top 10 things less known about Russians

Top 10 things less known about Russians

Every nation has its own peculiarities, and the Russians could not make exceptions. Language, customs and their culture is a real conundrum for those who have contact with them.

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There are all kinds of legends about Russians more or less true. Bussines Insider did a top 30 of the greatest oddities of Russia. How some of them are related to language or the multiple purposes of certain words, “truth” suggests only 10 of them. Top strange things about Russians

Top 10 things less known about Russians

1. According Bussines Insider, some wealthy Russian traveling by ambulance to escape traffic congestion

2. USSR albums The Beatles were banned by the communist government. Medical students have found a novel solution to multiply musical albums songs radiographs printing. At that time many people have developed creative ways to get things on which they wanted Western.

3. Legend has it that in 988 AD, Christianity detriment Russians chose Islam. The main reason being that they did not want to give up alcohol. Prince Vladimir the Great who ruled Russia at that time said, “is the joy of a Russian drink”.

4. While Russia‘s population is predominantly Christian Orthodox New Year is more important to them than Christmas. They offer gifts in the New Year, not Christmas. Moreover, both celebrating New Year of the Gregorian calendar and the Julian calendar after.

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5. 20% of the global forest area is owned by Russia, a country where there is the deepest lake in the world Baikal

6. Russians hung their carpets on the walls is a good thermal and sound insulation, but also for decorative purposes.

7. Russia has one of the most beautiful metro networks, many stations being true museums. It is the fourth network in the world in terms of depth, it built 84 meters below ground. One of the most beautiful subway in the world is Mayakovskaya station, named after Vladimir Mayakovsky Russian poet. The ceiling is covered with 34 huge stained know ArtDeco built since Stalin.

8. Russian billionaire Roman Abramovich lasers installed on his yacht which acts as an anti-paparazzi shield. When it detects a camera sends a beam of light into the camera lens.
9. Far East of Russia, the bears were abandoned tanks installed in addition to inhale the smell of fuel vapor drawn bears very potent toxic substance.
10. One of four Russian men dies before reaching the age of 55 years. This may be due to the fact that in this country alcohol is consumed in large quantities. Russians are most at risk of dying before that age are those who drink more than one and a half liter of vodka a week. Beer alcoholic beverage was not considered until 2011. Only then Dimitri Medvedev has enacted a law that provides status alcoholic drink beer.


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