Top 10 airlines in the world

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Top 10 airlines in the world 1
Top 10 airlines in the world 2

Singapore Airlines is considered for 20 years in a row, the best airline in the world. The publication Fortune presented a ranking of the 10 best airlines in the world.

The US Airlines With The Best Wi-Fi

Of the four, only Spirit says it is considering Wi-Fi–but it won’t be free. “Spirit’s business model is our customers should only pay for the products and services they use,” a spokesman says. See the Best Airlines in the U.S. as chosen by readers on


Singapore Airlines, No. 1

Singapore Airlines was the first airline benefited in its fleet of Airbus 380, the largest passenger plane in the world. Monitors class to enjoy entertainment, champagne ad libitum, seats that can turn into a real bed are just some of the services that can benefit those flying with this company.Emirates, 2nd
The company continues to impress travelers with its aircraft with regional food specialties and fine wines. Both the fist class passengers and those in economy class can watch live TV programs.

Qatar Airways, 3rd
The company based in Doha, capital of Qatar, returned to the top leader of air operators. The operator owns 350 Airbus aircraft in its fleet and is known through menus prepared after recipes of famous Master Chefs.

Cathay Pacific Airways, 4th
The airline headquartered in China kept a leading position in the rankings due to improved services for passengers and grace the menus of luxury, is considered one of the best companies in terms of menus offered.

Air New Zealand, 5th
Services aboard the company are appreciated by many passengers. The seats can turn into a comfortable sofa.


Aircraft company controlled by Sir Richard Branson are equipped with spacious leather seats with ample space for legs. Passengers are greeted with a welcome glass of champagne.


Rank 7 is occupied by Thai Airways


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The company offers two meals even flights of six hours.

Korean Air ranks 8 in the top 10.

The company offers excellent USB ports at every seat, while Chinese, Japanese and Western menus.

On 9th All Nipon Airways is (ANA). Business Class passengers can enjoy seats that stretch horizontally.

Rank 10 is occupied by Quantas Airways, which operates the longest flight in the world, a flight lasting 16 hours.

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