Tips for a cheap holiday to exotic destinations

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Tips for a cheap holiday to exotic destinations


Tips for a cheap holiday to exotic destinations

With a genius plan, creativity and much courage, you can venture into a luxury vacation with an unexpectedly small budget. At the time of Latin language, which many of us have not used for reasons easy to understand, the word “luxury” has a different definition than “a lot of money”. It means light. In physics, luxury is a measure of the intensity of light. Where do I want to go? Lux does not cost. The joy of traveling is not only reserved for those with huge holiday budgets. You can get to places that travel agencies call “exotic” with the money you have in your pocket now. Find out how!

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To begin with, I would say that you can waste your time with this text even if you are not or have not proposed to be a globe-trotter , you have a job with 21 days of leave per year and an average salary in the economy. They are universal travel tips , useful in any holiday baggage and any destination . Sure, after you put your finger on the map, it is necessary to have an applied documentation on the destination you have chosen. But until then, you will find some concrete thingsabout the sites you can consult, prices and tricksfor a substantial budget economy. Some suggestions are common sense, but – maybe – they are so simple and at hand that you have not taken them into account. The good news is that scientists have stated that you will have thousands of new neural connections with every experience that involves adaptive behavior to unknown situations. How is the holiday you’re just preparing to leave.

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Last Minute Deals booking ahead of time

The first estimate of a travel budget starts with the cost of accommodation . Depending on your appetite for risk, you can opt for a timely reservation or one of the last-minute hotel and hotel deals . Both variants substantially reduce the cost of a vacation in exotic destinations, otherwise extremely expensive. Some deals include transport packages, so you can get a clear picture from the beginning about the total cost of your trip.

A last-minute package provides a discount of at least 30-40% compared to the list price. The downside is that you must already be on the way to go when you choose your destination and have the money set aside for the entire trip. And, of course, it helps a lot to be open to adventure, some adrenaline, and the minimum risk involved in any planned knee travel at the last minute.

Search for low-cost accommodation options

An alternative to classical hotel accommodation is the hotel- rented apartmentsfor which you find offers on sites such as AirBnb , Homelidays , TripAdviser or . This option is especially useful for larger groups who can afford to rent a whole apartment.

All large sites that collect such offers provide the lecturer with additional information about the place in question: description, pictures, placement on the map, and reviews or ratings from those who rented out there. If you book on a trusted site , it’s almost impossible to be cheated, you have money back guarantee. That does not prevent you from being cautious.

 Choose a city break!

Most of the time, it is enough to make a brief change of landscape, entourage and atmosphere to load your batteries for the next week. A city break is cheaperthan a classic family vacation, it means less money on accommodation and food and, if you are willing to make quick decisions, a smaller budget for transport.

A good strategy is to “hunt” the offers of low-cost airlines and, depending on the discounts you find on the site, decide which will be the next destination.

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But you can take advantage of the city ​​break offers that most airlines offer or package agencies offer to visit a European city on a long weekend.

Hunt the off-season promotions

You’ll always find special promotions, accommodation vouchers, or full holiday packages, so it’s a good idea to track travel agency websites to get discounts that are usually offered for a limited number of places.

Subscribe to newsletters – Most travel agencies and travel agencies offer free subscriptions to regular newsletters announcing promotions and new packages added to the list of offers.

Travel during the week

Accommodation at the hotel is cheaper at the beginning of the week when hoteliers try to cover their remaining vacancies. Not only that, but the cities are less crowded by tourists during the week, and some fun cost less than the weekend, when prices are often rising.

Low cost vs. carpooling flights

Carpooling ( blablacar , carpooling , UBER ) significantly reduced transport costs over long distances. Benefits are countless, from the opportunities to find interesting people to a cheaper trip and provide easy access to destinations outside of the tourist map, less connected to public transport. Low-cost flightsare already a click away and also greatly reduce your holiday budget.

Discounts and tourist cards for discounts

Most city tours provide visitors with special city ​​card discounts that offer significant discounts and cover many of the city’s major objectives. Compare the list of discounts offered with your own list of goals you want to visit, and if you think you are making a major cut, buy a card that usually includes both free museum entries and discounts on public transport from the city and the bill in some partner restaurants.

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Make a list of your friends abroad. Of course, it is not one of the revolutionary ideas you would expect to find in a top of cheap vacation tips, but it is very helpful. You could resume ties with people that your distance pulled out of your daily newspaper. It’s fun, it’s networking and it’s free. Or almost for free.


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