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Thermal waters in Hungary, magnet for tourists

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Thermal waters in Hungary, magnet for tourists

Thermal waters in Hungary, magnet for tourists

Sóstógyógyfürdő resort, with its pleasant atmosphere and its famous waters with curative properties, is just 6 km from the center of Nyíregyháza, and about 140 kilometers from Oradea.

2016 Opening – Miraggio Thermal Spa & Resort

There are four separate thermal pools with unique thermal waters of the region and a thermal well-life suite with steam baths, a Finnish sauna, tepidarium, herbal sauna, cold plunge walking path & two experience showers. Additionally there is a


At the beginning of the twentieth century, scholar Jósa András made in an article following recommendation to rheumatic: “if you want to get rid of diseases, not to go abroad to drink coffee with chicory, better serve one true to Sóstó “. Waters across the Nyíregyháza-Sóstógyógyfürdő suburb rich in sodium chloride, hydrogen carbonate ions, iodine and bromine, which ensures exceptional results in the treatment of rheumatic diseases, joint or musculoskeletal system.

Beneficial effects can be obtained if necessary postoperative treatments following orthopedic surgery or trauma healing. Iodine or bromine spa treatment is recommended in case of gynecological or dermatological chronic diseases because in these situations can get good results. Parkfürdő swimming pool, which is open during the summer season and houses a rare treasure dendrologic particular, was renovated in 2011 – costing 4 million investment. As a result, the tourists arriving in the resort Sóstógyógyfürdő will be able to visit a modern spa complex at the European level, harmonizing with the natural environment.

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Thermal waters in Hungary, magnet for tourists

Active people who are passionate about sport, will have the opportunity to swim in the modern pool water, which can also host international swimming competitions; and extreme adventure enthusiasts are expected from the Italian basin type. Entertainment is provided in ‘Italian pool “of open spaces that have been broadened twister water, waterfall and huge high-speed slides. Visitors can relax in the new indoor jacuzzi.

Extremely Rare curative water supplies four pools at an exceptional natural environment, thus indulging both body and soul. The fun becomes complete by the largest Hungarian Pool Bar, which offers a range of drinks. The swimming pool offers a special aesthetic experience because dendrologic collection. Visitors can stroll in a forest consisting of artificial trees with rich crowns of leaves, palm trees, gardens with rocks, cedars, magnolias and oleanders.

Putting in place a well thought out design and friendly with customers, resort Parkfürdő and covered water park Aquarius Élményfürdő in the vicinity of its work during the summer season in a service system based on unlimited possibility to go inside one of the facilities on the premises other. Aquarius water park design Élményfürdő amended courageously.

Thanks to the new image and theme park shepherds visitors into a jungle true where children can conquer the Treasure Island can relive the adventures aboard a pirate ships, can test their skill in throwing the target can dance “train” the conga music, and after “berthing” vessel can discover the ruins of the Inca empire. And while small adventurers roam this enchanted world, adults can relax in the refreshing waters and therapeutic effects of Thermal World.

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Those seeking a more active variant of relaxation have the opportunity to try attractions Adventure World: twister water injection, water curtain, kamikaze slide and wave pool. All this makes the time spent here into an unforgettable experience. Regarding the existence of baths in the territory of the resort, along the shore important year of 1985 – in terms of medical specialty spa – it was 2012, we undertook a significant development for services and therapeutic in nature.

Introducing the mud baths and those with carbonic acid conferred complexity spa treatments. Following the conclusion of agreements with rheumatologists and orthopedic physicians and local hospital therapeutic activity now takes place under constant medical control specialist.

Water certification was conducted and thermal springs, which are recognized so that the water had healing properties and restoration related facilities. Therefore all the hot springs resort Sóstógyógyfürdő territory have been certified as waters with therapeutic properties. Nyíregyháza became the second largest resort in Hungary after Budapest. The bathrooms are the only municipality in Nyíregyháza Szabolcs-Szatmár-Bereg county that have achieved this certification nationwide.


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