The town where cars are competing with the Internet

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The town where cars are competing with the Internet 1

The capital city of South Korea ultra-powerful, wihle trying to use technology for better quality of life.

From almost 500 meters above sea level, the top  Seoul Tower building is best seen pulse of a city of the future. Hundreds of skyscrapers cat eye look is high among neighborhoods that refuse to give up traditionalism. Coated with the new Galaxy S6 that you have on hand, the roads are perfectly see the remote: true arteries are blood flowing through a new type of city: thousands of cars that say you never stop. Seoul lives and lives in intensity.

It’s hard to imagine that such a city can be locked. A city with the longest Metropolitan Transportation network in the world with 18 subway lines and train stations and over 500, with 30 bridges that cross the Han River, several freeways with many bands. A city with technology everywhere, in a country that invented the fastest processor on my new phone, but accepts that currently can not be on the road faster. Yes, accept, because no one exceeds the speed limit or half a mile an hour. It’s hard to imagine especially when you come from a city where you explain jams just because there is virtually nothing efficient transport network.

To get to work, you need to leave three hours before.
Beyond the traffic but speed is all and in all. Come on, maybe less in the hotel elevator in which we live, otherwise ultramodern too. Otherwise, the city is supplied with performance. There appears to be 2-3 years older car, although there are over a million on the streets. The train arrives in three hours in the second city of the country, the distance the car do six hours. Metro is coming non-stop and all digital announce that planning your route to perfection. The Internet is everywhere.

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In these circumstances, the locals need anything they can make life easier, and it shows everywhere. The new Galaxy S6 is part of the landscape: processing power and top speed unlimited Internet. Any application is just a few taps on the screen away.

In the early 90s, Koreans realized that industry and technology are not enough and that if they do not use and to improve their lifestyle, progress can destroy nature and then perhaps even life. I met another place where people appreciate more little corner of nature that we have available, minus compared with the urban crowd around him. The largest park in Seoul turns on weekends, especially in summer, instead of camping. Han River was cleaned up as much as possible also after years of pollution. Fishing and swimming are not allowed today. Locals sleep overnight in tents in the park, run or ride a bike, play football or baseball, the “shadow” of skyscrapers built all of them. Or just rest, breathe, the latest smartphone near them. They enjoy high speed Internet only place in Seoul seems to stand still and bustle it’s good that this happens.


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