The safest cities in the world to travel

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The safest cities in the world to travel

In the safest cities in the world people can leave their wallet or laptop unattended in public or can walk without fear on his way home late at night.For people to feel safe means to be home. The Economist Intelligence Unit The organization has compiled a list of the safest cities in the world, based on personal safety and medical infrastructure stability and security of digital technologies.

The World’s 10 Best Cities. Hands Down.

Whether it’s a serene ancient metropolis or a bustling modern capital, a favorite city is like a great friend: they never disappoint, there’s always something new to discover and no matter how much time you spend together, it’s just never enough. With


Osaka, Japan. Next to Tokyo – considered to be the safest city in the world – Osaka demonstrates a peculiar calm can be felt throughout the country. “Japan is a country incredibly safe,” said Daniel Lee, director of the magazine in English Kansai Scene, who moved from Britain 17 years ago. Osaka is known as a city for business, many working late hours. “Even at late hours, business people use the train, and the stations are populated like night and day. There is no problem for a woman to walk alone at night in the subway, “says Lee.
Amsterdam, The Netherlands. With a population of up to one million inhabitants, Amsterdam is a relatively small city compared to other cities in the list EIU, which gives an advantage of safetyThis city has a relaxing atmosphere which makes people feel at ease. Toni Hinterstoisser, general manager of “Andaz Amsterdam Prinsengracht” (a five-star hotel Hyatt network), who moved from New York three years ago, said that “the free spirit of the people makes them feel better and to relax The daily things. No one stirred from nothing. ” These things also refers to police, who Hinterstoisser said to be extremely polite and always ready to jump in aid.
Sydney, Australia. Irrespective of the fact that Sydney is the largest city in Australia, residents feel safe because everyone takes care of each other. Richard Graham, born in Sydney, said that “if someone looks suspicious, neighbors say this so taking care of each other. Words spread fast enough. ” Recently, the city adopted a plan of Sydney $ 15 million to improve pavements and pedestrian crossings, so walking is encouraged.
Singapore. The city-state in Southeast Asia comply serious enforcement of laws, resulting in the presence of a safe environment. Rhinitis Vanjre Ravi, a local entrepreneur born in Bangalore, says that the Singapore police are well paid, which allows them to really take care of the population. Vanja Ravi sees no problem in leaving her purse in a public place because people are aware that they will be caught and punished. A stable political environment and a non-tolerance of racist or religious jokes contribute to a harmonious atmosphere of the city, she thinks.
Stockholm, Sweden. The advantages locality north of the city lies in the “endless” summer days. Natural light summer combined with good lighting in the center of the darkest period of the year creates an atmosphere of safety in public spaces. Kate T, originally from London and Mamma blog author Year English in Stockholm, says that for her, a woman with two children, is extremely important a safe environment and thus her opinion, Stockholm is perfect, from this point of view . “There are many playgrounds for children away from traffic and regardless of the fact that this city is relatively small, it is dynamic and sophisticated at the same time.”
Safest Cities In The World
With concerns about terrorism, offense and political upheaval on that the rise, it may make it hard to select a spot. Because there’s no true safe place in the world, as offense and issues can occur anyplace, there are many places in travel that are very safe. Here’s an assortment of the safest areas to travel for families, for couples, for only about anyone: Japan – Together with the lowest offense rates in the world, Japan is at or near that the top of that the record of safe areas to travel. Japan is also called only down side is that with Japan’s place on probably the most polite nations to tourists.Japan is an excellent selection for skiers, snowboarders, foodies, sea food fans and anyone interested in an encounter that is distinctive. The only down side is that with Japan’s place on earth, getting there might be costly and with it’s strong money and popularity with tourists, it might also be among the cheaper places to visit with regards to food, hotels and solutions. Australia & New Zealand – With their unique location and climate, Australia and New Zealand have relatively low crime and stable governments. If you are a lover of the Lord of the Rings films, new Zealand is an excellent getaway.The entire film trilogy was filmed in locations in New Zealand. They are not the places. Europe – The popular nations in Europe, like France, Spain, Germany and the United Kingdom are known to have higher offenses rates.
Nevertheless, there are regions of some cities which long as you stay in that the well known areas. For example, Paris is usually long as you stay in that the well known areas so long as you stay in that the well known areas. Travel away from the city center and there are several neighborhoods that have high crime rates. One drawback of traveling to Europe, however, is that the various roads and driving.Many European nations have narrow roads and driving might be very the extreme cold, Iceland has example, to get used to. Iceland – Perhaps because of the extreme cold, Iceland has an extremely low rate of crime a vibrant nightlife is a positive for several travelers. In addition, a vibrant nightlife is a positive for several travelers. You get that the best of both that the West and that the East in this city for ages been a favored of travelers. You get that the best of both that the West and that the East in this city.

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If you have not already made your holiday plans this year, here are some destinations that you attract attention not only their beauty, but also because they are safe, at least statistically.

It’s not hard to see that some of the most attractive places on the planet are ground conflicts, so often missing from tourist offers. Fortunately, there are still enough places in incredibly beautiful world that can be visited without too many risks.

With historic villages, cork trees and some of the most beautiful beaches in the world, the Algarve is a destination not to be missed. But what makes it unique in the world are open caves on the beaches, natural wonders, with their improbable shapes, seem to emerge from a surrealist film. The price of a holiday in Algarve, Portugal starts at 580 euros.

2. Iceland, the country aurora borealis
Not only looks gorgeous scenery, but there will always be safe – at least as long as you do not try to pronounce the name of the places, mountains or other targets in Iceland, action that could hurt you in the language.
There are travel, but the best one you plan a vacation here depending on what you like. The price of a flight to Iceland starts at 350 euros.3. Petra, Jordan, the city carved in red stone
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