Saint Lucian People

Saint Lucians, as a people, are similar in many respects to the populations of many other regional islands as all share many common historical influences. Demographers state the population is:

82.5% of African descent,11.9% mixed minority, 2.4% East Indian with the remaining 3.1% coming from European, North American, Lebanese, Syrian and Chinese backgrounds, but such an objective assessment can be decisively misleading…

The people of Saint Lucia are proud of their interesting and appealing mix of heritages and cultures that has a uniqueness all its own. Visitors to the island often comment on the handsomeness of the people and recognize in them characteristics of the many ethnic and racial influences that have come together to make one people.

Lucians are also known for their warmth and friendliness, which can be appreciated in many ways during a holiday stay. Whether it is in casual conversation with a resort bartender, hiking with a guide along a lush rainforest trail, or asking a local passerby for directions on a community street corner, you can expect to find an innately pleasant nature wherever you go.

Respond in kind and you will make new friends that will enhance your holiday experience!

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