The most spectacular airports in the world

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The most spectacular airports in the world

Most spectacular airports in the world

Landing at the airport is not always a memorable event, but it may be a reason for you to buy tickets for a race landing on one of the most spectacular airports in the world.

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Most spectacular airports

Princess Juliana International Airport in St. Maarten in the CaribbeanTourists flock to go to the Caribbean for a holiday full of relaxation, writes CNN .

However, the arrival of airports in the area is far from being a leisure: rugged environment, cramped forces of many of these islands tracks construction in the strangest places. Perhaps you will feel more calm after landing.

Princess Juliana International Airport in St. Maarten, landing an airplane is a very exciting experience. The track begins just a few meters from the ocean, and the planes down so much that it almost can reach the level it is installed volleyball net.

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Most spectacular airports  – Altiport Courchevel in France

 Unlike passengers Caribbean, skiers and snowboarders landing at Courchevel are in search of adrenaline. And so it should be, because winter runway French resort, located at 2,000 meters above sea level, is the only thing that is not covered by snow.

Aisle planes flying between mountains and land on a short track, angle and ending abruptly, like a trampoline designed for skiers. The place is so impressive, that was used for stunts in a James Bond film – “Goldeneye”.


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Most spectacular airports – Matekane track in Lesotho

There are very few opportunities to further expand this track, as it ends abruptly at the edge of a precipice 600 feet.

Only light aircraft used a runway isolated plateau in southern African kingdom of little.

Sometimes planes fail to reach takeoff speed up the end of the runway, so they easily descend into the abyss, before recovering after reaching speed flight.

Most spectacular airports – Juancho E. Yrausquin Airport, Saba, Caribbean

Rivaling St. airport Maarten on emotions offered Juancho E. Yrausquin airport on the island of Saba, has one of the shortest runways in the world.

Placed on a rocky outcrop at the foot of a mountain, with both ends terminating above the ocean, the track offers a great landing.

Most spectacular airports – Gibraltar International Airport

Flying directly to a gigantic monolith in an attempt to land is an experience that puts you to the test nerves, but no other place to put a track on the British possession of 6.2 square kilometers.

The space is so tight in the end of the Iberian peninsula that runway intersects the highway.

As planes have priority over motor vehicles, the road is closed whenever an aircraft landing or taking off.


Most spectacular airports – Barra International Airport, in the Outer Hebrides, Scotland

Instead of thinking about where to build an airstrip when there is not enough space on the island bar in Outer Herbides, took a different approach: they have not built any track.

Pilots expected ebb and landing directly on the beach, which is known only airport in the world where landings occur on sand.

Between flights to and from Glasgow, public access is allowed on the track-beach.


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Most spectacular airports – Paro Airport in Bhutan

If there were an award for the most remote airports surrounded by spectacular scenery, the Himalayas would be the winner.

The place of honor could stand only international airport in mountainous kingdom of Bhutan.

We entered a narrow valley surrounded by peaks of 6,000 meters, the pilots who receive special training to land here, cocked his aircraft in a tight turn to the right, before descending smoothly above the houses.


Most spectacular airports – Kansai International Airport in Osaka, Japan

Landing on an aircraft carrier may seem exciting experience, but it takes usually to enlist in the military to be able to do that.

The second coolest experience of this kind is landing on Japan’s Kansai International Airport, where the two tracks seem to float far from shore, off the Gulf of Osaka.

Tracks are placed on an artificial island, built specifically for this purpose, with the intention of reducing the noise of the inhabitants. They are connected to the shore by a bridge four kilometers.

But, from the air, this is the best way to live the feeling of “Top Gun” in a commercial plane.


Most spectacular airports – Airport Harstad / Narvik, Norway

Approaching the airport Harstad / Narvik Evenes region, fjords and bypass planes hovering over frozen lakes, passing by snow covered peaks.

To get to Hammerfest in the far northeastern part of the country, offers the sensation of landing on an ice rink in most of the year.


Most spectacular airports – Madeira Airport in Funchal, Portugal

Madeira International Airport seems to have cheated in the competition tracks problematic.

Crammed into the steep slope of a hill and the sea, short of the airport runway was extended on stilts above the water to make it safe for landing.

Landing can be spectacular if we think of Atlantic storms.


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Most spectacular airports – Airport Malé, Maldives

Malé Airport offers an impressive view. Built your own atoll, Hulhule, he has a track placed slightly above sea level.

Once you go down over the 26 islands in the Maldives archipelago, landing the airplane seems so close to the sea, that seems plane lands in water.Through time, airports have evolved from bare bones transport hubs for select travellers to bustling retail centers for countless. Theyre was created to complement and influence behaviour. Everything from the architecture and lighting into the trinkets available in the present shops is tactical.

Here are a few tricks airports utilize to aid travelers unwind, reach their gates and punctually, and spend some money on the way. They guarantee you can see the asphalt – One key to a thriving airport is simple navigation. Travelers should be able to go from safety to their gate without becoming lost, with help from subtle design cues nudging them in the ideal direction. I tell my team that signage is an admission of failure,” says Stanis Smith, executive VP and chief of the airports sector at consulting company Stantec. Certainly one needs signs, but the very best thing for designers to do is look for ways you can help with wayfinding that are subtle.

For instance, in many new airports, passengers may see through the tarmac immediately as soon as they leave security, or earlier. More important than anything is an opinion straight out to airside and you find the tails of all the plane, states Robert Chicas, Director of Aviation and Transportation in HOK, the architectural firm which helped redesign the Indianapolis International Airport.

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