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The most beautiful roads in Austria

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The most beautiful roads in Austria 1
The most beautiful roads in Austria

The most beautiful roads in Austria

A drive through Austria will not be pleasant only because many roads but also landscapes of incredible beauty. The most beautiful roads in Austria may be subject to a four-wheel holidays with stops at scenic locations.

The most beautiful roads in Austria: Grossglockner-Hochalpenstrasse No wonder this alpine route of 48 kilometers is called “Heaven Cyclists” and the Motorbike, being a smaller scale Trasfăgărăşan. Winding roads will lead you to Kaiser Franz Josefs Höhe Visitor Center, a place where you can make a stop so you can enjoy a panoramic primvelişte highest mountain in Austria, the Grossglockner (3,798 meters), and the great glacier Pasterze.

The most beautiful roads in Austria: Südsteirischen Weinstraße One of the most beautiful roads in Austria is considered and Südsteirischen Weinstraße, known as the Wine Road. Famous wine region, this long journey of 25 kilometers is the equivalent of a trip through the largest wine region of Styria. Weinstraße (Wine Street) is a narrow street which guards the most beautiful vineyards in Austria, and Ratsch, Glanz, Langegg, Schlossberg and Eichberg-Trautenburg, austria.info notes.

The most beautiful roads in Austria: Burgenland wine road Another way to go in Austria go through Burgenland, another paradise for wine lovers. Burgenland is the most important wine region of Austria, Mittelburgenland wine roads, Südburgenland, Neusiedl and the Neusiedler See-Hügelland totaling nearly 15,000 acres of vineyards.

Burgenland Center, named called Weinstraße im Mittelburgenland, stretching between Ödenburger Gebirge, Buckliger Welt and Günser Bergen, here is representative famous red wine Blaufränkisch. This wine gave the name Blaufränkischland region. Those who want to better know the history of this wine, but to enjoy its flavor and can walk on Rotweinpfad (Red Wine Path) among centuries-old vineyards.

The most beautiful roads in Austria: the road cheese in Bregenzerwald

Because a good wine goes well with a quality cheese, gourmet tourists can enjoy not only an extraordinary journey, but also quality dairy products. Bregenzerwald is endowed with many beautiful roads, but Käsestraße street is entirely dedicated to the production, marketing and savor cheeses, where you can see cheese production units, traditional households, pensions and cheese shops.

As a democracy that is mild mannered, Austria provides its citizens plenty of things at no cost. But motorways aren’t one of them. Theres a grid, and visitors to the nation are not exempt. Not even when you ask nicely. Do the tolls work? There are obstacles or no stalls. A 2 month sticker costs 26.80, and a 10 day decal 9.20. Note that both these stickers need to be punched in the point of sale to be legitimate. Prices for motorbikes are 35.50, 13.40 and 5.30 respectively. Heres an annual Vignette from a few years ago: Where to place the sticker – Plainly display the sticker inside your vehicle windscreen.

The authorities advise that you put it close to the rear view mirror or the upper left corner as you face from the vehicle. – Motorcycles must combine the sticker to someplace lasting and clean. Buses and lorries use a totally different toll system. Choice 2 an electronic Vignette – ASFINAG recently introduced an electronic alternative, where you pay on-line and associate a car license plate with your payment.

Prices are the same as above. No physical sticker is involved the police have a record of the toll payment should they check your vehicle. These roads should be obvious, but find signs such as the above to indicate you will need a toll decal to journey on this road. Even when you are just driving around Vienna, you might still need to purchase a Vignette, because there are various expressways and motorways within the city.

Section tolls – A number of significant streets along with tunnels crossing the Alps are subject to a different toll. You could cover precisely the fee in person at precisely the entrance to precisely the relevant section or cover on-line at precisely the same site selling precisely the standard digital toll decals.

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Romanian Physicians, skiing in Tirol, treated as criminals 

Cristina and Cosmin N., doctors by profession, living for almost a year, a bad dream. They went skiing in a ski resort Tyrol – Iscghl – have paid 3,600 euros accommodation at a four star hotel in which they stayed only one night, they were humiliated by local police and, in the end – charged libel and slander – were prosecuted, risking 2 to 5 years in jail!

Win a Tirol Snow Card!

We’re giving away a Tirol Snow Card to one lucky winner who will enjoy unlimited access to 86 ski resorts, 1100 ski lifts and 4000km of ski runs across the extensive Austrian Tirol. In the heart of the Austrian Alps, the Tirol region is home to iconic 

Cosmin I met in Bucharest, after previously wrote in our editorial office, in a desperate attempt to find support in his struggle with the Austrian authorities. Dentist by profession, Cosmin asked us to protect his identity, deoarce, he said, this scandal would affect the image. “I do not know where to get the chance. He messed this ugly experience of living in Austria. Let me tell you how it happened. ”

37-year Doctor sighs of all the reins, then unleashes trouble:”We’re 15 years skiing in Austria. We love this sport. So, earlier this year through January, we made reservations at Hotel Montanara in Iscghl. I was wrong that I considered offers travel agencies. I chose us on the Internet where to go. It is a four-star establishment seemed seriously, we’ve been worried. For us the preferred period – 3 to 10 January – accommodation costs 450 euros per night. I paid through December, an advance of 1,000 euros and then we went on the road “.

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Cosmin draw breath again: “I have arrived at their destination on January 3, 21.30. It was very busy highway … Started the first fool. The only employee who was waiting for us, eager to go home, told us that parking costs 20 euros per night. He led us to the room, then practically ran it, leaving empty reception.

Book a two-bedroom apartment and two bathrooms, because, apart from wife and me, we accompanied our baby three and a half years, plus an aunt. As I entered the apartment, he struck a powerful stench. It smelled like fried cheese mixed with onions. Horrible! But that proved to be the biggest problem. Not! The room was incredibly cold, ice walls were. ”

“That night, my wife, who was pregnant with her second child, cooled. So baby three and a half years. Angry, the next day I asked the other rooms and although they were fully booked, we were given. A wife came employer and airy with us and sent us to go elsewhere if we do not like. How it was as cold as the first night and could just as bad, I decided to find another hotel. It was mockery from Montanara! Finally, we found other accommodation, then I came back to ask for money in advance gap. Well, I stayed one night, I told them to stop us 450 euros, but give us the remaining 550 euros from 1,000 down payment. “

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