The most beautiful places in Belgium

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The most beautiful places in Belgium

The most beautiful places in Belgium

Walloon Region, part of the federal state of Belgium, is the abode of some of the most picturesque villages in the world, which wait for treasures to be discovered by travel enthusiasts.

Aubechies Aubechies is a charming, rural area that are specific for red brick and sandstone houses covered with tile. There is also a beautiful Roman church, dating and eleventh century.

Celles Surrounded by four hills, Celles is famous for the beautiful monastery St. Hadelin and three kilometers and is the feudal castle Vêves. Centuries old buildings have been preserved in excellent condition.

Travel And Tourism: Beautiful Places In Belgium

 Stumble This Fav This With Technorati Add To Del.icio.us Digg This Add To Reddit Add To Facebook Add To Yahoo. Posted by Sports at 09:08. Labels: Belgium … Chardeneux Located in a mountainous area, the village is a harmonious architectural example, the grays dominate the limestone used to own The construction of houses. Over time, modern buildings have been constructed so that the perfect frame with the traditional look.

Andenne Samson valley is magical landscape that is placed Adenne, cozy town hides a church and a castle highly interested visitors. Andenne city is located on the river Meuse.

Falaen Located in the province of Namur, Falaen village is dominated by the towers of the castle and church in the area. Many of limestone houses here were preserved during the nineteenth century.Brugge is a marvelous city which has maintained the traditional structure and rich legacy of the Flemish speaking Flanders area of Belgium.

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Public transport is excellent earning getting there and around very simple. The cobbled streets, these system of canals, and these historical buildings contribute to a feeling that’s actually unique. There is an assortment of museums that recount not merely the history of the city, but also these history of seafaring, brewing, tapestry, bobbin lace alongside other traditional activities that mark the citys historic significance. You can trace the function the convent played in the growth of these lace industry in Brugge and the way that contributed to the citys economic improvement.

You might take a canal trip that retraces the increase of commerce and structure inside the city, as you journey past windmills, prisons, breweries, fish markets, together with other historical sites. Rides across the areas offer a guided tour of town. Or, you may simply wander throughout the scenic streets and soak up the air.

Since Brugge is so very near the sea, the restaurants have really mastered the art of preparing wonderful sea food dishes. One of our favored casual menus is mussels with French fries. A favored restaurant includes several recipes of mossellen served in sidewalk tables overlooking Minnewater Lake.

De Visscherie restaurant in the old fish market provides a gourmet menu of sea foods alongside other conventional fare, served with fantastic sauces and side dishes. And definitely we must not forget which this city is in Belgium that is famous for excellent chocolates along with pastries. Belgian waffles with various toppings are favorites for desserts along with walk away treats. We’ve visited Brugge often times and our experiences there keep coming back for more.

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We never tire of the air and it appears that as we wander throughout the city streets and surrounding countryside we’re continually discovering new and intriguing things to see and enjoy. We’ll bring them to you as we continue to explore these gallic area once known as Belgica. The roads of these old city are lined with shops with lace, tapestries, copperware, pewter and artwork. A lot of the shops sell goods that are manufactured in Belgium using designs along with techniques dating back centuries.

The most beautiful places in Belgium


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