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The most beautiful campsites in Romania

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The most beautiful campsites in Romania

The most beautiful campsites in Romania

Passionate travellers are increasingly aware in recent years about conditions in the camping in some of the finest campsites in Romania.

Many investors in tourism “smelled” the opportunity for setting up special facilities to travelers who have come long way and they need to fire overnight in a safe and comfortable. The conditions offered differ from one place to another, but the concept of camping has changed radically in the last one year than in Romania. Network correspondents sought truth most beautiful camping sites in Romania and summarizes them to you below.

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The most famous is the county camping resort Moneasa

Located at a distance of 110 km from Arad, Moneasa resort is the ideal place to spend a weekend or a whole vacation in any season. During this period is going to resort the resort and take a stroll through the surrounding forests. In the resort, the cheapest accommodation is camping. Then you can sit in boxes with 80 ron per night for two people.

Rodna Mountains National Park is definitely the best bidder in terms of hiking trails, landscapes and landmarks of the story offered. However, localities situated at the entrance to the park not too exploits this camping area. The Wine Valley and Great Valley, picturesque mountain villages, meet many hostels that I promise hot water, Internet and cable, but a lack of offers camping more often. With little effort find some hostels in Rodna who put their yard available for camping and guarantees access to utilities.

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Mostiştea Valley, relaxing oasis in the heart Bărăganului Who wants a memorable outdoor outlet is not wrong choosing Calarasi County. The beauty of the landscape, opportunities for relaxation are just some of the advantages it offers Bărăganul.

Tucked away in the heart valley Mostiştea Săruleşti is near a lake whose depths are populated by giant carp. For several years, the lake was Săruleşti turned into a place of leisure. Fishing piers were built were built mini-hotels. An employee of the recreation area say that fishermen have to pay a fee of 100 ron and free fishing all day. Everything provided to let water fish weighing more than five kilograms.

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Romanian seaside holidays tent.

Most campsites are open from May 1 Tourists who choose to spend their holidays on the Romanian coast and want to be as close to nature can choose lodging in camping. From Năvodari to Vama Veche, Black is full of camping areas. In northern Mamaia Mamaia is waiting Camping S. 1 May, who wants to stay in her tent pays 12 RON per day and 8 car. All 8 RON costs and connecting to electricity. Would caravan May 1 pay 17 RON and 16 RON for electricity. In summer, the price you pay tourist who comes to camping climbs to 21 RON per day and car fare is 12 RON.

The most beautiful camping in Hunedoara:

Poiana Pelegii and Lake Cinciş Among the most beautiful campsites in Lake County are Cinciş and Poiana Pelegii. Cinciş artificial lake was created by construction of the dam Cinciş, on the outskirts of Hunedoara. Five ancient villages in County Pădurenilor were displaced to be established hydrographic setting. Depending on the terms offered, the price starts from 80 RON per night and can reach 150 RON per night. Also camping areas furnished tents settlement price starts from 10 lei. However, there are several places where tourists can camp for free.

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The most beautiful campsites in Romania – Pitesti

With picturesque area -Vidraru Arefu, Arges can compete with any other county in the country Arges Arefu commune in Northern Arges County, attracts every year more and more tourists. Accommodation possibilities are manifold, including for camping lovers. Best camping area specially designed for this purpose, is at the foot of Castle Poienari, Arges Valley, just outside the village Căpăţâneni where tent installation is free.

The most beautiful campsites in Prahova.

Key Deer Valley and summer turns into “cities on wheels” Away from the crowds and noise of cities, in a wonderful natural setting in the heart of the mountains, hundreds of people inhabit to the brim of Logs Deer Valley. People young and old come with family and friends, but also with animals home to spend here the cheapest vacation, living in tents and caravans for camping whose only pay 10 RON per day.

Camping on Lake Amara, a source of health and recreation Located 7 km away from Slobozia, Ialomita county seat, Amara resort can be reached from Bucharest, Constanta and Buzau, transiting two national roads: DN2C and DN2A for tourists coming from the direction of the capital or of the Black Sea.

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Keys Sohodolului nature lovers paradise

In summer,Sohodolului keys are full of tents, especially on weekends. Sohodolului clean water and lofty mountains which rise are the main ingredients that leads many nature lovers to choose these places. Because of karst topography in the area, including heritage values ​​and rare plant species, Keys received the status of a protected area and the entrance fee is 10 lei. Located near the village Gorj Runcu, about 15 kilometers away from Targu-Jiu, a branch of the National Road 67, Sohodolului keys have unique shapes, impossible to reproduce the human hand.

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Mongolian nomadic life and exotic nights spent in a yurt camping is the ideal way, first nomad camping in Romania set to Câmpu city. Just a few kilometers away lies and Mustang and all nearby campsite and camping is “Stana de Vale” from Sovata. If you want to get out in nature with the family, but do not want to sleep in a tent can choose yurts. Mongolian nomads are settlements and are several years in our country, to Câmpu Fortress in Mures county. The twenty removable housing installed next to Sovata mountain scenery can be rented at any time of year, because the material from which it is made yurt and keep warm, but also offering summer bearable.

A stop at Camping International in Green Forest

Few people know that Timişoara offers a camping site in the true sense of the word. This means that not all travelers to the capital of Banat must check in at a hotel, but can choose to make a stop in a place where you can rent cottages, bungalows or where you can park your caravan or to pitch their tents. It is the Tourist Complex “Camping International”, located away from the bustle of big cities specified in the forest Green, in the Northeast of Timisoara. The campsite is easily accessible to any tourist that comes from the National Road E70, which connects the Lugoj-Bucharest.

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