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The love story that revived the old lighthouse

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The love story that revived the old lighthouse 1
The love story that revived the old lighthouse

The love story that revived the old lighthouse

One of the most beautiful buildings on the seafront in Constanta, Genovese Lighthouse, has a story lost in the 1300s historians have not come to a clear conclusion: if the lighthouse was built by the Genoese and his name was given by the Turks, who called Constance “Genoese fortress” impressed by the way encountered thick walls.

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In XIII – XIV, Genovese scored in their history a brief raid in Dobrogea. They have sheltered the ships, although Tomis port was desolate and forsaken. Perhaps, then rose and lighthouse, in order to orient. Covacef Peter writes in his book “The Story of Genovese Lighthouse” was the name given by the Turks headlamp. “The name comes from the Genoese which was a qualifier for the Turks who occupied Dobrogea until 1878. The Turks who were living in these places, people living in their modest homes and buildings remaining from them, were impressed

The largest building in Constanta encountered since the XVth century […]. Impressed by thick walls found in several places in Constanta they called in their language, Geneviz Route (Genoese fortress) “. Lighthouse keeper Petre Covacef, author of numerous books, gave us the story of Thomas Radicevici, a Croatian employee of an Austrian company to take care of the old lighthouse of Tomis. “Constance was almost a ruin, a devastated city, still licking its wounds after the damage suffered in the Russo-Turkish War of 1828-1829.

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The love story that revived the old lighthouse

Constanta – Famous Wonders of the World

Other very cultural and tourist attractions include the Orthodox Cathedral St. Pavel and Peter, the Constanta lighthouse, and the Statue of Mihai Eminescu on the sea’s shore. Constanta also boasts of an Archaeology Museum that resemble …

The lighthouse was destroyed and there were no money for repairs. Radicevici be made innkeeper, but conscientious man, almost put his nightly hired to burn animal fat Avretuk Tepe mound for offshore vessels to know where is the land. Radicevici vessels timetable learned quite rare at the time … Croat died but one day of the year 1852 have not burned tallow hired and inn remained in the hands of his widow. The woman called for help from Varna six granddaughters, one more beautiful than the other.

In 1854, during the Crimean War, French troops landed in Constanta and Turkey allied with the British Empire against Russia. An officer of Armenian origin, Artin Aslan, being hurt, is sent to rest in the inn widow Radicevic. He falls in love Mariam, one of the nieces and decide to marry and stay in Constanta. Take the inn business, but being an engineer (builder of fortifications) and undertake specialist British company Danube Black Sea Railway Co. LTD.

Meanwhile, he had ordered the construction of the dome of the lighthouse in France and concluded an agreement with the Ottoman Constanta to rebuild Lighthouse which Radicevici father had dreamed so much. Erected on a mound 21 meters The British and French help, Aslan and architect Jean Blaise Marius Michel (dastardly Pasha) fail to raise the Genovese Lighthouse, between the years 1858-1860.

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In only eight meters high, but high on a mound located 21 meters above the sea Lighthouse functioned for nearly five decades, until 1905, when it was put into operation in Port Lighthouse. Old construction, that of Aslan’s Radicevici, the Constanta and maybe even Genoese, remained as a monument, but vigilance still there on the mound Avretuk Tepe … ” Ion Marin Sadoveanu evokes, in 1931, the history of the monument.

“Lighthouse old filling new avenue through which entered the mara remained dry” and Dimitrie Anghel described him thus: “When the headlamp light on his eyelids / dark and apparently not a Crist walking on water.” In the age where he met Constance Dimitrie Anghel lighthouse was still burning. There were no port, no avenue and no big lighthouse.

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