The London Classic Car Show 2018

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The London Classic Car Show 2018

Excell London hosted this weekend the 2018 London Classic Car Show and was there for you. On display this year :


Lotus Cortina, once owned by Bruce Reynolds. It was impounded by the police, and serviced to keep it running so it could be used against him as evidence. The very tyres on this car are the ones that left imprints in the ground and allowed the Police to match Bruce to the place of the crime.


Most wanted Ford Transit


The Ford Transit was involved in most of the bank raids and featured as Most Wanted Van by Metropolitan Police. While the one displayed has never been involved in any criminal affaires in predates the original MK I Transit Van test by Ford to test wind noise.


Simon Templer and his gateway Volvo


The Volvo P1800 from TV SERIES, “The Saint”  was driven By Roger Moore and is understood to be the original car used in the famous serial. The car was placed at the scene of the crime to confuse and misdirect the police.


Italian Job brought to London


In the sixties the Mini was not only a fashion icon owned by celebrities of the time, but it was also affordable and practical enough to be a family car. The Mini was the first car to fit an engine transversal creating more space inside. Later on in would put up with V8 touring car races to become one of the most successful rally cars in Monte Carlo.


The “very ordinary looking” BMW


BMW M5 used from some of the shots in the movie Ronin is also on display. A perfect sleeper car that setup a competitive time at Nurburgring even if it was loaded with luggages.


Famous racing cars


The racing car that manage to brake Nigel Mansell neck at Brands Hatch. The Lotus 95T that participated in 16 races, and accumulated 13 points.


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Welcome home! The London Classic Car Show is the must-attend show for those who love classic cars. Come see the largest collection of classic cars in London.




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