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The first floating hotel in Romania

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The first floating hotel in Romania

The first floating hotel in Romania

The little village Berzeasca (Caras-Severin) will soon turn into an exotic resort. Here it was built on European funds, a floating resort, such as those in the tropics, on the islands of Bora Bora, Galapagos, Maldives or the Philippines. The bungalows are built on the Danube to Berzeasca to over 30 meters from the shore, overlooking the Serbian border.

“The concept has gone from achieving Urban Plan, in a camp where many came interdisciplinary specialists. They sketched the future. Thus emerged the «Right on the Danube”. For that the Danube is the most precious thing we have Clisura. Must defend the Danube, not to build, not limit anybody in construction, like those in Mehedinti. Ieselnita was built in Dubova and chaotic, between National Road and the Danube, practically restricted the right to accede to the river. They built homes and Danube is seeing. Thus was

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born the idea of floating houses, lakes, on stilts, “said Peter Nicholas, Mayor of the commune Berzeasca.

Four houses fell into water Work began four years ago, but stalled because at some point bungalows have simply started to sink. Four boxes came, literally, to water, due to problems of execution.

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“There were four boxes that fell. The reason was the mistake of execution. Have not contravânturi in the longitudinal direction, only the cross, and when the boxes are loaded, then were tilted. They tried to correct them, but while they were mistakes. Builders have taken those issues. Work has been done. And technology is quite cumbersome. It never made a complex of its kind in Europe. Using a material obtained from recycling plastic and aluminium.

Such materials have been used to stabilize banks in the Venice and Austria, for correction torrents, is a material that does not rust, rot, do not freeze. No risk to be flooded by the Danube water, because water is cotrol of hydropower. Less can be, but no longer increases, “said the mayor Berzeasca.

The first floating hotel in Romania

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Prepare inauguration According to officials at City Hall Berzeasca in two weeks will open the first part of the project, which includes 15 cottages suspended on the Danube. “Now do the finishing touches inside. Place balustadele, was adapted to changing rooms for the pool, is working on the pier that people will stay on the beach. Everyone expects to inaugurate “, said Peter Nicholas.

Local authorities hope to revive the area in terms of tourism. Those who choose a stay on the Danube Gorge they saw. “It will be the main point of which will go to all means Clisurii attraction in the area. We know it already throughout Europe. We are convinced that foreign tourists will come, “added the mayor.

The project stages So far, the project has cost 400,000 euros. This includes money for construction of 15 houses floating reception, pool and locker area. Construction of a bulgalou costs around 18,000 euros. It has a living room, kitchen, bathroom, at the bottom, plus bedroom located upstairs. There is a terrace perfect for relaxing moments.


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The project has already created new jobs, are still so many employees when it opens and restaurant. Staff will increase when it is ready and the other wing of the complex. The next stage is the construction of the central restaurant. Then come, mirror those already carried out, other 15 places of accommodation. Until the construction of the floating restaurant, those who wish will have to eat a fast food stall, mounted in a cart. They have already set prices for those who want to sleep above the Danube: 250 RON for one night in a floating box.

Part of the money for the hotel are from European funds, as the 313 – Encouragement of tourism activities, as accessed by a businessman in the area. Half of the project is covered by EU funds.



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