The first cruise to Antarctica is about to be organised

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The first cruise to Antarctica is about to be organised

A cruise to Antarctica is organised for the first time to prove that our planet is not a sphere. The cruise, organised by the Flat Earth International Conference, is scheduled for 2020. The plan is to sail in Antarctica until the ice barrier marks the edge of the earth.

Several theories exist on this issue, but the common conviction is that the Earth would be a disc. One of the popular models of our planet’s topography movement would be a big disk, surrounded by an Antarctic ice wall that prevents things from falling to the edge of the planet.

Conspiracy theorists say the ice wall would have thousands of feet thick and a height of 50 meters. “The Earth is surrounded by an ice wall that keeps the oceans on all sides. This ice-wall is what the explorers called Antarctica,” says Flat Earth.

Thus, the idea of ​​navigating to the end of the world could raise more problems. The first is that the navigation systems used by cruise ships are based on the idea that the globe is rounded. Henk Keijer, a former cruise ship captain who sailed all over the world, said that nautical topographies are designed based on the principle that the Earth is rounded. He pointed out that the global positioning system, which provides navigation and positioning information, is based on 24 satellites due to the Earth’s curvature. Flat earth adepts may find it difficult to find a cruise ship with crews that think our planet is not round. “I have not met any shipmaster who thinks the Earth is flat,” said Keijer.


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Explorer dead during an expedition in Antarctica

The explorer Henry Mosley, who was close to make history by crossing the Antarctic individual died.

Explorer Henry Worsley dies attempting Antarctic crossing

Explorer Henry Worsley has died after developing a serious infection as he tried to cross Antarctica unaided. The ex-Army officer, from London, had been rescued 30 miles shy of his goal. His wife Joanna said she felt “heartbroken sadness” after he died
Former British officer, aged 55, had already spent 71 days in Antarctica, trying to become the first explorer to cross the polar region without any help.
Unfortunately on Friday, he needed assistance and was recovered by a helicopter, Guardian. “With deep sorrow in my soul you know that my husband, Henry Worsley, died from complications of internal, despite all medical efforts,” said the explorer’s wife, Joanna.
Former lieutenant who traveled to temperatures of -44 degrees Celsius through the storm and ice, passed the South Pole when he needed help. Worsley already crossed 1469 kilometers and have to drive only 48 km. After spending two days in his tent because he could not walk, because of fatigue and dehydration, Worsley, father of two children, decided to abandon the humanitarian adventure.

Rare Imagery of Flipped Icebergs in Antarctica

While on an expedition in Antarctica, photographer Alex Cornell had the rare opportunity to photograph a recently flipped iceberg. Defining to the old adage “just the tip of the iceberg,” it turns out the underside can be illuminated with unbelievable

It was transported to the hospital in Punta Arenas, where doctors gave verdict was suffering from bacterial peritonitis. The explorer was operated on Sunday, but later died.
Worsley tried to complete the expedition of Sir Ernest Shackleton began, 100 years after this adventure. In 1915 Shackleton’s hopes were dashed after his ship, Endurance, was shipwrecked and sank, and the team of explorers remained trapped in the “white hell” in Antarctica.


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