The best and opulent airline in the world

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The best and opulent airline in the world

The best and opulent airline in the world

Not everyone can travel first class by plane. Emirates offers one of the most luxurious treatments for those traveling in first class. One such passenger fortunate have documented a trip to the best and opulent airline in the world.

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In its history of 31 years, the airline Emirates has become synonymous with luxury, consecrating himself as a leader in transportation of inflatable. Furthermore, Emirates has been named best airline in the world by website Skytrax, is known for its services opulent offered passengers who choose to travel first class. Even if the cost of a first class ticket is not cheap, the passenger experience is unforgettable. Two passengers, Owen and Rory, have documented their journey aboard an Airbus A380 of the company Emirates and showed how it travels with the best airline in the world, writes “Business Insider” .

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Hospitality and priority First, class=”textannotation disambiguated wl-thing”>passengers who choose to fly first class or business class can relax before boarding lounge Emirates, arranged especially for them at the airport. From here, passengers can board directly before other passengers, without the need to queue.

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Luxury amenities

Then, immediately after boarding passengers in first class are greeted and escorted to their places by a flight attendant, and later be offered a glass of champagne. They are offered their own spacious cabin with sliding doors that offers privacy, facilities being the kind of top hotels in the world. Seat booths, upholstered with leather, can turn in bed.

The best and opulent airline in the world

Hygiene products from companies house

In the cabin, passengers also found a bag with hygiene items from fashion houses luxury such as Bvlgari, shaving foam Gillette, a toothbrush, toothpaste, Colgate and a deodorant Axe.

As for the hotel

Wood paneling and upholstery gold provides the perfect setting for watching outdoor flight. On an Airbus A380 of the company Emirates is only 14 such cabins for first grade, so that services are tailored to each individual.

Shower at 12,000 meters

If a traveler first class wants to take a shower during the flight, this is possible! Yes, 12,000 meters! All you have to do is to book early, a place in one of the two showers and spa on board. The floor of the shower is heated, and each passenger gets five minutes of running water, during a reservation for 30 minutes. When the passenger returns to the place of the shower will find on the table cab of a platter of fruit and honey.

Special dishes at any time

Meals can be served at any time, being specially prepared for class passengers first.

total relaxation

Passengers can relax with snacks while watching movies on a TV interactive, which can turn in a consuming games.

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Massage everyone’s taste

Moreover, seats in first class have massage functions. Can control the intensity and type of massage. Panel interactively can control ambient lighting and can open and close the shutters and doors of the cab.

Drinks libitum

Refreshments are in a mini-bar automatic in every cabin.

Bar drinks per

There is also a bar serving drinks, exclusive wines, champagne and cocktails, including Dom Perignon. Emirates is served and Hennessy Paradis, the most expensive alcoholic beverage served by an airline. A bottle costs 674 euros.

royal treatment

Despite the price of a first class ticket, which can reach up to 20,000 euros, Emirates treat their passengers as if they were royalty. Upon landing, passengers in first class precedence over others and being allowed to disembark first.

Vlogger Casey Neist traveled to his part Emirates, first class, and it showed in a video how it looks and what it feels like such a trip.


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