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Ten dream places for tourists visiting Peloponnese

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Ten dream places for tourists visiting Peloponnese

Ten dream places for tourists visiting Peloponnese

Paradise Peloponnese in Greece is known for its culture and heritage beauty.A trip on the peninsula will certainly be an unforgettable memory for tourists, writes en.protothema.gr. Here are ten places that can be visited in the Peloponnese.

Greece: highlights of the underrated Peloponnese

The writer Paddy Leigh Fermor is best known in Greece for his exploits in Crete in 1944, when he daringly abducted a German general from right under the Nazis’ noses. But his heart really lay in the Mani – the wild, remote quarter of the Peloponnese


The ancient amphitheater at Epidaurus Festival Athens hosts the largest in Greece. This summer – as every year – Greek amphitheater theater projects, subtitled in English.


Ruins of ancient Corinth is an exceptional archaeological site. The ancient city is located 9 km SW of Corinth, in the foothills Acrocorint.


In the town of Nafplio is more picturesque streets and souvenir shops and traditional products. In Nafplio, tourists can visit Bourtzi Castle and can climb the 999 steps of Palamidi Castle.

Winery of Nemea is another attraction and there guests can sample the famous Greek wines. They also can visit the ruins of the ancient city of Nemea, the museum, the temple and the ancient stadium.

Another site is Mycenae, a UNESCO-protected monument. Mycenae was built between two high conical hills, on a lower plateau, controlling both land routes and sea. The biggest attractions of this site are archaeological museum, ancient tombs and palace of Mycenae.The ruins of Olympia is located in the western center Peleponnese in the valley Alfeios. Here Olympic Games were held every four years in honor of Zeus.

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Diros Cave is a unique experience for those who choose to go by boat along the 1.6 km long underground river. Diros Cave is 10 km away from Gytheio and 5 km from Pirgos Dirou.

Monemvasia is the name of a region and means “single entrance”. Naval Base ancient Minoans became one of the most important castles in the Peloponnese in the Middle Ages. Stone houses and Byzantine churches will be an inspiration for tourists.


Methoni Castle was one of the most important Greek buildings in the Middle Ages. It is located on the peninsula of Agios Nikolaos. Fort Bourtzi is connected to the castle by a stone bridge.


It also reflects Byzantine Mystras site of 14-15 centuries. You can admire the beautifully decorated churches, centuries-old.

Highlights of the Peloponnese

I’ve just spent a few days in the far south of Greece. I’ve always thought you get plenty of Greek Island charm without leaving the mainland if you head for the Peloponnesian Peninsula. It’s all within about 3 to 4 hours by car from Athens. Over the


The southern Peloponnese, Greece: the perfect break

Why go… Ignore the islands, turn left at Athens and make the journey that defeated Nero across the dramatic Corinth canal, for it is in the Peloponnese that you will find staggering landscapes, soaring mountains and the mythical heart of Greece. Fill



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