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Story of the only Romanian Passenger Aircraft

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Story of the only Romanian Passenger Aircraft


Story of the only Romanian Passenger Aircraft

ROMBAC 1-11 is the first reactive passenger plane built in Romania. It was built at the Bucharest Aircraft Company , after the English BAC 1-11 courier license.

The first aircraft was completed in August 1982 and was presented to the press and to the Romanian officials on 27 August 1982.

The first official flight to present the state aircraft was executed on September 20, 1982, at Baneasa Airport.

The inaugural passenger flight of ROMBAC 1-11 (YR-BRA) took place on January 28, 1983, on the Bucharest-Timisoara route, and the first external flight of this aircraft was made on 23 March 1983 on Bucharest-London.

Prior to 1989, the Bucharest Aircraft Factory, today’s Romaero Baneasa, built 9 such vehicles (plus two unfinished ones), finding the only commercial airplane with a reaction in the communist Europe, except for the USSR. All of them were bought by Tarom, which exploited them incompletely because they were denied access to western airports because of the high noise level. The ROMBAC project envisaged the construction of a total of 80 aircraft.

 The ROMBAC 1-11 is an airplane equipped with two Rolls-Royce Spey Mk 512-14DW turbochargers, capable of a pushing force of about 6,000 kgf. It has a maximum takeoff weight of 47,400 kgf and can transport at speeds of 870 km / h to almost 3,500 km maximum 119 passengers with a two-pilot crew.

Two versions, 475 and 560, were constructed, corresponding to BAC 111-475 and 111-500.

Romanian Passenger Aircraft

Romania was the only communist country to produce passenger planes after the USSR. He also tried Poland under Soviet license, but failed to build a plane without technical problems.

Nearly 33 years after YR-BRA, the first ROMBAC 1-11 manufactured in Romania, on the gates of the Romaero plant, Aeronews will tell where the 9 airplanes produced and the state they were in. A text by Rares Mandu.

August 27, 1982. One of the most important days for the Romanian aeronautics industry. On that day, the first passenger plane manufactured in Romania, registered with YR-BRA, was on the doors of the ROMAERO plant. The ROMBAC project planned to build 80 aircraft, but – unfortunately – only 9 were produced. Now, almost 33 years after the launch of this plane, Aeronews.ro will tell you where ROMBAC 1-11 aircraft arrived in Romania and the state they were in.


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