Stairway to Heaven: illegal tourist attraction

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Stairway to Heaven an illegal tourist attractionStairway to Heaven: illegal tourist attraction

A metal ladder Ko’olau mountains in Hawaii, closed to the public, became secretly a tourist attraction for lovers of thrills.

Although Haiku scale of O’ahu, known as “Stairway to Heaven“, is closed to public access for over 30 years, this is preferred by hiking enthusiasts. Ko’olau in the mountains, covered by a rich vegetation, the scale with steps leading to the top 3922 Puu Keahiakahoe.

The building, originally made of wood, was placed in during the Second World War because soldiers can access a radio antenna located on the mountain. In the 50s, after the closure of the military base, the scale was turned over to the Coast Guard, who has decided to replace some steel stairs and placement of ramps in some areas.

This Illegal ‘Stairway To Heaven’ Could Soon Be Open To The Public

Though the popular Haiku Stairs hike, also called the “Stairway to Heaven,” has been closed to the public for more than 30 years, it remains a quintessential Hawaii “bucket list” item, attracting hikers from around the world who illegally take to the


After the storms that destroyed this year stretches this tourist attraction is in danger. Therefore, a group of people in Hawaii, which formed several years the organization Friends of Haiku Stairs, decided to repair it and form a system through which visitors require a fee to visitors. The fee would be $ 100 for tourists and $ 10 for residents of Hawaii, writes Huffington Post.

Representatives of the organization say that the stairs are not dangerous, visitors would not like to lose stairs. The danger arises only if they depart from the stairs.

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