Spectacular waterfalls under city of Oraviţa

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Spectacular waterfalls under the city of Oravita
Spectacular waterfalls under city of Oraviţa

Under Oraviţa city opens a real medieval world underground, remaining in the dark for over 260 years. Left in the dark for several hundred years under the settlement reveals a true medieval world underground.

A complex network of underground tunnels large cross section under houses and streets. Although it is said long historical monument, nobody knows the exact route, so it is a real maze.
It was built for 21 years between 1733 and 1754 to drain water stream Oraviţa, its tributaries and sewage of households in the village. For its age, but also art works, the tunnel was declared a Historic Monument, but it is not exploited for tourism.

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It has five sectors, each having a length of between 100 meters and 2 km. The most spectacular and longest section is located in the old town, from dam near Lake Mic. The tunnel has an average diameter of 4 meters, with many branches and outputs to the surface, some currently blocked.

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The floor on some areas, is of stone slabs that are preserved very well now. Three underground waterfalls with heights between 1 and 4 meters are and spectacular scenery from the depths. The tunnel needs repairs after which it can be integrated into tourism development plans of the City Oravita. Specifically, a section can be arranged to visit by boat and another with landscaped walkways. Another section may represent a genuine space adventure, a tunnel of horror. The whole arrangement will be an important tourist attraction of the region, not just Oraviţa, and will certainly be a local symbol, write expressdebanat.ro.

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