Spectacular pools worldwide to stay hydrated

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Spectacular pools worldwide to stay hydrated

Spectacular pools worldwide to stay hydrated

In summer, water basins are true havens refreshing, but the meaning of this phrase is placed really worth swimming famous worldwide for their beauty.

In the hot days of summer, a cold clear water pool can be considered a true corner of heaven. If it counts among the most famous pools in the world, which came to the attention of all their beauty, then they certainly deserve his reputation. US publication “Huffington Post” has done a review of the most spectacular pools in the world, the list of numerous pools, the largest outdoor swimming pool, located in Chile, a geothermal spa in Iceland. The top came pools of 11 different countries. Whether you have an urban landscape, whether stretching before tourists rainforest or ocean blue water, each building deserves its place among the most beautiful pools on the planet:

Laps of luxury: 17 jaw-dropping pools around the world

Dream of swimming in real luxury? These are 17 of the world’s most memorable places with luxurious pools from Portugal to … spectacular pools portillo chile.


1. The largest pool in the world, the tourist resort of San Alfonso del Mar, Chile 2. Bondi Icebergs swimming club pool in Australia Evason Phuket 3. Thailand infinity pool (pool is currently under renovation, but will be reopened in late 2015) 4. infinity pool in Ubud Hanging Gardens in Bali, Indonesia 5. infinity pool Marina Bay Sands resort in Singapore 6. pool Anastasis Apartments in Santorini, Greece 7. Blue Lagoon geothermal spa in Iceland 8. infinity pool residential complex Society Villas in Ibiza, Spain 9. The pool at the Palace in Dubai, United Arab Emirates 10. Szechenyi thermal baths in Hungary 11. Lebanon Le Gray hotel pool

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An infinity pool will be built on top on a London hotel

The largest outdoor pool in the world, located in Singapore, could be dethroned.

London plans to build one next year at the top of a 55-storey skyscraper.

The “Infinity Pool” pool (no Infinity Pool) is not for the weak of the heart. The new building, which will contain six hundred thousand liters of water, will have glass walls, and those who venture to bathe in it will have a 360 degree view.

For such an extravagant pool, the entrance could not be inferior. More specifically, who will allow her to swim there will be taken with a special lift that rises in the middle of the water.

The pool is the creation of Compass Pools, a British manufacturer, and will have a capacity of 600,000 liters, being built on the roof of a 55-storey hotel.

Infinity pools are named because water flows from one or more edges, creating a visual effect that gives a sense of waterlessness. These have been spreading more and more in recent years, especially in luxurious locations, but a hotel in London will be the first to benefit from such a 360 degree swimming pool. Basically, the pool will cover the whole roof of the hotel, which will be built from the year 2020 most likely. Its design is impressive, with its pillow and walls transparent to offer a panorama of London and a view inside the hotel below.

It will be built from a “cast acrylic”, a material that propagates light at the same wavelength as water, to ensure that the pool is completely transparent. Various instruments will also be used to monitor wind speed and water temperature. Entry and exit of the pool would be accomplished with the help of a submarine with a rotating spiral staircase. It will rise from the base of the pool when a swimmer will want to come in or out of the water.

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Alex Kemsley, the designer of the pool, commented on this compromise solution as if it were SF films, saying that “normally a simple scale would have been enough, but we did not want to ruin the view by putting one on the edge of the building.” It should be noted that the pool will be built in London, a city where it rains on average 106 days a year, according to engadget . At the moment, designers have not provided a solution for the moments (often because) in which the rain will ruin the tourists’ fun.


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