Sinister places chosen as unprecedented holiday destinations

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Sinister places chosen as unprecedented holiday destinations


Sinister places chosen as unprecedented holiday destinations

The combination of emotion and danger sometimes awakens contradictory feelings. Although some images can spark fear, curiosity always overcomes. Not many times, tourists want to get to the most scary places.

Ghost town Sanzhi, Taiwan
This city wanted a luxury seaside resort, but when the construction began, the strangeness began. Dozens of workers died, falling from different heights (even with safety ropes) or crushed by cranes. The locals believed the city was haunted. The apartments were left empty, but the construction was never demolished, because “evil spirits are not awakened.”

Beelitz military hospital, Germany

The city where this hospital is located is 40 kilometers away from the capital of Germany. During the two world wars, the hospital was actively used by the army. In 1916, Adolf Hitler himself was hospitalized there. Citizens left the city in 1995, the building being abandoned.

Psychiatric Hospital Lier, Norway

The Norwegian Psychiatric Hospital is located about half an hour’s drive from Oslo and has a dark history. Patients underwent experimental treatment methods, and in 1985 four buildings were hurriedly abandoned for no specific reason. All equipment, beds, and even medical logs of patients have lagged behind. It is interesting, however, that the other eight buildings continue to function as usual.

Sinister places chosen as unprecedented holiday destinations

Hotel abandoned Salto, Colombia

In 1924, a luxury hotel, called Refugio El Salto, was set up in San Antonio del Tequendama, but was soon closed due to the too frequent suicides of guests. This place is shrouded in a mysterious aura and rumored to be haunted.

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Underwater city of Shi Cheng, China

This incredible city is over 1340 years old. Shi Cheng, or the city of Leu, was flooded during the construction of a hydroelectric plant. The city was completely submerged and is now surrounded by one of the most picturesque artificial lakes.

Pripyat, Ukraine

This is a town abandoned three kilometers from the Chernobyl nuclear power plant. After the catastrophe in 1986, the city became part of the forbidden area and, consequently, a picture of the rage of nuclear energy. Tours are being organized today, in the wake of increasingly interesting urban legends.

Party of Communists, Bulgaria

The place where the meetings of the Bulgarian Communist Party were held seems sinister both inside and outside. This UFO-like building was abandoned after the fall of the communist regime.

Sinking yacht from Anatarctica
This creepy ghost ship is actually a Brazilian yacht that was destroyed in Cove Ardley. The Brazilians tried to film a documentary about the ship, but the strong winds and the agitated sea made them leave the place.

The submerged plane, Turkey

This plane was used in the Second World War. He deliberately sank into the waters of Cas, Turkey in July 2009 to create a place for diving enthusiasts to explore.


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