Ship Costa Concordia was used to transport drugs

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Ship Costa Concordia was used to transport drugs

Ship Costa Concordia was used to transport drugs

Costa Concordia cruise ship which sank in January 2012, was used by most feared crime syndicate of Italy, Ndrangheta, to transport drugs, according to “The Independent”.

Costa Concordia wreckage torn apart for scrap 5 years after the …

Jan 14, 2017 Ghost ship: Wreck of tragic Costa Concordia is torn apart for scrap at a shipyard five years after the cruise liner capsized, killing 32 people.

“Ship your access has made ​​us the laughing stock of the world, and emptied us money,” had said Ndrangheta mafia boss, Michele Rossi, his associate Tiralongo Massimo, police said. The ship was referring to is Costa Concordia Rossi, who failed in January 2012, more than 4,200 people on board. The incident lost their lives 32 people.

Recordings of conversations between gangsters in Calabria suggests that on board there were drugs, but authorities have not confirmed this. Investigators believe the drugs were stored without senior officers know, but it was probably need the cooperation of at least one crew member. Cocaine was brought to Europe from Latin America and the Caribbean. Drugs could be placed on vessels belonging to MSC or “Norwegian Cruise Lines“, according to a report in the Italian newspaper “La Repubblica“. As a result of these findings, 20 people were arrested, says “Time”.

Ship Costa Concordia was used to transport drugs

Costa Concordia in pictures: Inside the cruise liner after two years …

Italian authorities have released photos of the inside of the Costa Concordia following the closure of the official inquiry.

Transporting drugs cruise ship has become a pretty big over 43 kilos of cocaine were seized this year alone from members crews. In March, the five crew members of the ship “Norwegian Cruise Lines” were arrested after carrying five kilograms of cocaine hidden in body suits against moisture.

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Two other members of the crew of a vessel of “Royal Caribbean” were arrested in Argentina with over a million dollars on the body notes British police warned cruise companies to heed young people traveling on these ships, dedicated especially pensioners.


BBC News – Costa Concordia: What happened

Feb 10, 2015 Maps and graphics about the Costa Concordia cruise ship, which ran aground off Italy’s west coast with 4000 on board.

Ship Costa Concordia sank partly after the captain made a risky maneuver and crashed into rocks near the Italian island of Giglio. Captain Francesco Schettino has been sentenced to 16 years in prison for manslaughter, because that caused the accident and left the ship before the passengers.

Become part of the landscape damaged ship near Giglio Island, until it was transported in July 2014 in Geneva , to save what can be in it. Ship dismantling process is likely to take at least two years. Over 80% of it will be recliclat and reused, including copper wiring, plumbing, kitchens and some plastic objects that can be repaired. The remaining 50,000 tons of steel will be melted down and sold at market price to make building materials, machinery and even other ships, according to CNN.


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