She visited 9 countries in a year

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She visited 9 countries in a year

She visited 9 countries in a year

Monica Lynn, a young woman of 25 years in Alabama, United States, boasts that she can travel free anywhere. All excursions they are paid by men she knows online.

Monica Lynn travels for free by getting men she meets online to fund dates

Before January 2015, Monica Lynn had never even left the US but a year on, she has seen nine different countries and done everything from camel trekking in Dubai to shopping sprees in Hong Kong – all apparently paid for by dates she met on the internet.


Monica Lynn, a young woman from the United States, traveled to nine different countries last year, though he never left abroad. He had exotic holidays but did not spend any money on them, all the trips were paid by different men, whom he met Monica and she met online. A year ago, Monica decided to radically change her lifestyle. She gave up her job of financial advisor, who seemed boring.

Because it does not have enough money to pay for trips to the visa, the young woman found a novel solution: he enrolled on a dating site for single men who are willing to pay a luxury holiday for the woman who agrees to accompany . The site is called MissTravel and is intended for very wealthy and busy men who did not know the time partner through regular meetings. So when they go on holiday, they seek a partner from the list of those who have an account on this website and choose one you like, Monica explained.

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She visited 9 countries in a year

In one year, Monica visited nine foreign countries and enjoyed special experiences: a walking camel in Dubai, made shopping in Hong Kong and walked kayaking in Mexico. All this without spending a dime. He also visited the Philippines, Barbados, Indonesia and Italy. If you had to pay only these dream trips, Monica said that it took 10 years of drastic savings that can raise the money. The adventure started in December 2014 when Monica and resigned from financial consulting company where he worked. In 2015 he enrolled janaury site MissTravel and immediately made contact with a man of 31 years who was director of a company.

He invited her to spend the holiday together in Barbados. Visited many other exotic vacations, the partners have paid including drinks consumed on the beach and made them expensive gifts. There’s bound to have sex So far, so Monica met with three different men, known online. She says that it is not obliged to have sex with their partners. The first man has had sex, she says, but that was not a problem, because as it is with those who uses other dating sites : if they like each other, partners will have sex, if not then will do. Even if you had sex with her first partner, Monica says they kept in touch and that felt good together as friends.


No second partner did not like too much. The third was a conquered immediately is a business man, aged 28, who called her to him in Italy. Along with this, Monica then went seven luxurious holidays and decided to form a couple, giving both the matrimonial website. However, where it will be separated at a time, Monica says it will never accept to meet with a man in traditional style. The meetings that do not involve exotic travel are boring, she believes.
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