Seward Windsong Lodge in Alaska Facilities and Deals

Seward Windsong Lodge in Alaska : Facilities & Deals

Off the Alaskan coast, nestled between a national forest and a national park, is a series of buildings set alongside Alaska’s Resurrection River. Outside, there’s hiking, fishing, and some of the most sought-after vistas in the entire state. Inside, there’s warmth, a fireplace, craft beer, free wifi, and free movies.

Most of all, there’s seclusion, peace, and the beauty of Alaska’s wilderness.

The problem is, space in Seward Windsong Lodge fills up fast. If you want to experience it, you’d best start planning now.

Seward Windsong Lodge is a huge, sprawling collection of buildings near the mouth of the Resurrection River, a total 17 buildings, 180 luxury rooms, a restaurant and brewery, and a main hall. It’s a short drive away from Exit Glacier and the Harding Icefield, Chugach National Forest, the city of Seward, and Kenai Fjords National Park and Preserve. There’s more than enough to do here to satisfy anyone’s thirst for beauty, danger, game, or solitude, with plenty of options to rest up in the evenings.

Naturally, we recommend that you go. But if this is a once-in-a-lifetime trip, you’d best prepare as much as you can.

Three Rules for Enjoying Seward Windsong in Alaska

1. Plan Way Ahead – Way Ahead

Seward Windsong is booked early and often. If you want to plan a trip, the earlier you book your room, the better.

You’ll have three kinds of room to choose from – standard, deluxe, and suite. Each room comes with free wifi and movies, so if you’re simply looking to wind down and sleep in the evenings after a day of exploring, any room will do. Deluxe rooms come with a private deck, and suites come with extra beds, a Jacuzzi, and a table for evening card games or morning coffee.

Several rooms look right out on Resurrection River. If you’re calling Seward Windsong to book a reservation, ask for these first.

However, if you’re booking far in advance, we recommend trying it online first. The lodge offers certain deals and discounts all its own, but you’re likely to get the best price by reserving rooms through any one of the three major online travel centers – KAYAKTrivago, or Try all three at once, and see which one gives you the biggest discount.

As we said, though, rooms fill up fast. Most of our early attempts to book dates, and compare prices, were unsuccessful, simply because every room was full for months. Early planning is successful planning.

Even if you end up calling Seward Windsong and asking for the next available dates, remember – kids are free, so long as they’re in the same room as parents, and don’t require extra beds. This is an ideal family vacation.

2. Make a List of What You Want to Do

Seward Windsong Lodge is a short drive away from a national forest, a national park, an icefield with forest ranger tours, and a city with plenty of parks, museums, and restaurants all its own. Your struggle won’t be in finding things to do, but in picking which things you want to do.

3. Remember to do Nothing

Perhaps the best aspect of Seward Windsong is its feeling of seclusion. There are no city sounds, no humming appliances, and only the white noise of Resurrection River in the background for company. You might feel like you need to fill your hours with activities, but sitting in quiet, reading, listening to the river, or simply doing nothing may constitute the best few hours of your trip.

If you’ve booked a deluxe, you can’t go wrong with a few hours on your personal deck. The lodge itself, however, has places aplenty for sitting and enjoying the fire, talking, or simply relaxing. Resurrection Roadhouse, the lodge’s restaurant, has plenty of craft beer on tap, and is ideal for ending a day full of activity, or none at all.

It’s your choice – you’re the one on vacation.

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