Secret of chocolates on hotel cushions

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Secret of chocolates on hotel cushions

Secret of chocolates on hotel cushions

Anyone who was lucky to be accommodated in a good hotel enjoyed probably the ritual candy on the pillow. Mint, chocolate mint or chocolate, sweet surprise on freshly cleaned laundry is a nice gesture from the hotel owners, who at least has a story interesting.

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Hoteliers habit of leaving a candy mint, chocolate mint or chocolate on pillows new customers have started long ago, according to the newspaper “The Huffington Post“. In fact, the gesture became popular in the 50s and inspired person is none other than actor Cary Grant (pictured). It all started when he stayed at the luxurious Mayfair in St. Louis, Missouri, United States. It was, moreover, a frequent guest. Once during the marriage to third wife, actress Betsy Drake, Grant made his appearance at the hotel with one of his mistresses. According to the story, the woman came in one evening before the actor’s apartment where they drank lovemaking, where he discovered an alley “drawn” with chocolates, which began in the living room and continue in the bedroom, on pillows.


The hotel manager learned alley chocolate, most likely because the hotel staff handled the purchase of chocolates and their settlement. Husband liked the idea so much that it began to welcome guests with chocolates placed on pillows in the bedroom. Hundreds of hotels have adopted then the gesture, although hotel Mayfeir gave up after a few years. When it was sold and transformed into Hotel Mangolia St. Louis in August last year, the tradition was resumed.


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Cities covered in floating aromas like cinnamon and chocolate

Each city with his scent. Here is a top of the most interesting spices existing in different cities of the world have already become characteristic odor respective city.

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Bristol City residents complain that the smell of vinegar invaded the region after the board began to use it as an alternative for weed eradication. Taking inspiration from this reality, the newspaper The Telegraph has done a survey of cities where certain scents have become an emblem. Nestle Rowntree factory, located just a few miles from downtown, makes the British city of York to smell like sweet chocolate depending on the intensity and direction of the wind. Scottish capital Edinburgh smells like beer. The reason is the large number of breweries and distilleries in the area, which led to certain conflicts of interest, North British Distillery in 2009 the city was required to suppress the smell by installing towers “odor control”.

Cincinnati smells of soap from the soap factory and scented candles Procter & Gamble plant on the outskirts of this city in the US state of Ohio. Moroccan city of Fez, home to the oldest tannery in the world, has the characteristic smell of animal skins, due to the fact that it is famous for the production of leather objects.

US city of LansingMichigan State, smells of paint, jewels coming from GM Grand River assembly plant. Clearly, not all residents are happy with the smell, with some describing it as moldy. Mumbai smells of palm oil and cinnamon. Chandler Burr, a journalist, writer and curator American, known worldwide as an expert in flavors, the smell of Mumbai labeled as “one of the most intense and rewarding experiences on earth smell”. “It’s salty smell of the ocean mixed with the decaying tropical air conditioning and palm oil. And it’s about India, nose feels so any spice flavor possible. “

Mombasa smells of hot sun tile used for the completion of many buildings and statues, smell that permeates the Kenyan city especially during the summer when it rains.

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