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Samantha Fox evacuated from an airplane

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Samantha Fox evacuated from an airplane (her side of the story)

Samantha Fox, a star of the disco music of the 80s, was evacuated under escort of security agents from an airplane in the UK Luton Airport because of an abuse of the artist, who seemed to be intoxicated, informs contactmusic.com.

Her side of the story : This story is total bullshit !!! I took this air line (never again liars) as it was the only direct flight. There was another but had to get this one as there’s always a chance of losing your luggage when having a connection !! I had no problem in paying the extra luggage fee and certainly was not “intoxicated” and not abusive in anyway or form. I paid for priority boarding but there was no Wizz air airline staff to take my ticket so I crossed over to the economy line and was told off. I ignored it it was early in the morning and just wanted to board the plane to get to my show on time and not disappoint my fans by being late. I’m not a diva, I’m a Peoples person , I can’t sit back any more and listen to Wizz air statements just for their own publicity. It was their fault entirely. I have lots of witnesses and a video on my phone to prove it. Love Sam xx

British star was once off the plane after several passengers had accused her was drunk and engaging in abusive behavior. The incident took place near London Luton Airport, says Sun on Sunday newspaper.Samantha Fox, aged 49, waiting to board an aircraft of Wizz Air, to Lithuania in the evening on Friday, when they began to quarrel with the employees of the airline asked A fee of $ 48 for hand luggage.

“A passenger had to be off the plane because of its abusive behavior towards our employees,” said a spokesman for the airline. “Passengers seemed to be drunk. This effect may be exacerbated when the plane is in the air”, added the same representative of Wizz Air.

“It caused a delay of that race. He paid the $ 48 fee,” said the press agent in turn singer Samantha Fox. “She explained that she had priority boarding and, despite this, passengers in economy class were shipped before them. A young woman working for Wizz Air has presented an official apology, and she flew next” .

Samantha Fox held a concert in the Siemens Arena in Vilnius, Lithuania, on Saturday night. Later, in a message on Twitter, the singer said that concert was extraordinary.

“We had an amazing show, sold out last night. Thanks, Lithuania. You are wonderful people. I love you,” said British artists.

Pop-dance singer, model and actress, Samantha Fox was compared to Marilyn Monroe and Madonna, because of her provocative allure. Over the years, Samantha Fox released several albums like “Touch Me” (1986), “Samantha Fox” (1987), “I Wanna Have Some Fun” (1988), “Just One Night” (1991) “Greatest Hits” (1992), “21st Century Fox” (1998), “Watching You Watching Me” (2002), “Angel with an attitude” (2005) and “Greatest Hits” (2009), and starred in more films.


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