Sales techniques used by Spanish tour operators

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Sales techniques used by Spanish tour operators

Sales techniques used by Spanish tour operators

An internal guide used by tour operators in the Spanish resort of Magaluf, published by the newspaper El Mundo reveals scandalous practices they use to lure tourists to buy tours or consume more alcohol.

Spanish newspaper “El Mundo” published an article about practices used by tour operators of controversial Magaluf resort of Mallorca, famous for partying obscene, drowned in alcohol and spiced with sexual contests. British tourists are mainly those concerned, as shown in the guide mentioned.


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The tour operators are advised customers to tell men to convince them to book tickets for the cruise parties organized, that “women do not escape” during the three-hour length party so that “sex is guaranteed” , as well as organizing themed games sexual or that “people have sex on board vessels every week.”


During tours called “bar crawl“, which assume that groups of tourists to drink all night going from bar to bar, DJs are advised to turn up the heat with statements like “toilets are only for sex”, while customers are attracted to buy tickets to such events with the promise that the drink is free, without giving too much detail. In reality it offers free just one type of beer or sangria, but as written in the document noted, “people will be so drink up to half the party that will not matter what they were told.”


Some sales techniques include escorting the potential customer to the hotel room where he was approached on the street or on the beach and claims that he has no money to sell as many tickets. Internal guide, which has two pages, contains salesmen offered tips to avoid the police, such as do not sell tickets in bars or in areas near where the policemen.


 Last year, Magaluf was involved in a scandal widely reported in the press Interntional after a video of a girl of 18 years in Northern Ireland, while surprised them oral sex in a bar more many men during a sexual contest known as “mamading” has become viral on the Internet. The scandal brought to public attention the extreme entertainment that attracts more and more tourists in Magaluf, especially young people. At that time, because the bar was closed, but it seems that local travel agencies still see their work, notes the Daily Mail.


 After the scandal last year, authorities in Mallorca and the Spanish National Tourist Office have launched a campaign to wash image Magaluf resort in announcing that it will invest 500,000 euros, the desire to promote responsible tourism and decidedly more especially for young people who come here to have fun, but also to ensure that family can spend quiet holidays, due to measures taken by the police to temper parties organized by clubs in the area.


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